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by Elliot
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A poem I wrote (recently) about my ex. I found out last year he'd also cheated on me.
I checked my calendar, and it’s now been a year.
They say time heals all wounds, but my pain lingers on
Why am I still left shattered, held together by glue
My sharp edges, like glass, cut and draw blood
There’s a piece of my glass mirror missing in the middle.

His mirror seems to be in one piece, though cracked in some places
He has no need for glue or tape, no plaster or care
It is I, in the end, who is beyond repair.
My happiness fluctuates with every passing hour
While he found his soulmate, I mourned losing mine.

It’s been a year but still I think about him, admittedly miss him.
Time has passed but my grudge has not, I cling to this anger, my fists clenched
I don’t see how it’s fair that he’s happy when I’m still in despair
I have new love now, no desire to be with him again
But it makes me think, was I ever enough for him?

We fought, we cried, but even so we loved on
But my mind wanders and I wonder if they’ve ever fought at all
Is he happier now than he ever was with me?
Though I did everything to please him, was I only a burden?
Now that we’re apart, is he a happier man?

Confusing feelings still drift by, and often now I begin to think
We used to say we were meant to be, he called me “his person”
He was mine, and I was his- But now he’s got someone else
Someone he loved behind my back, someone he loved before he left me
They seem happy, and I can’t stand seeing their smiles.
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