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by Elliot
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An assignment I did last year in creative writing.
Have you ever been judged by the bird’s call?
They don’t seem like much, but the birds know all.
In their ugly jigsaw, they go about their work.
The structure of their kind is one you can’t find in a book.

You’ll find up in the top is the brooding raven,
He’ll spot you before you even know he is there.
He’s the unspoken leader of the feathered flock,
Watch your back when he’s with you, he’s not always fair.
He has a catalog, a list if you will.
For this little raven knows every bird to exist.
He knows the bashful robin knows no bounds,
Knows the cardinal loves to gossip when the finch isn’t around.

There’s the smoky black crow, awake with a song,
Contraire to the rooster, he’s akin to an alarm.
The duck wades in the lake, he’s calm just as always,
He and the pigeons meet for bread each sunday.
Forgotten is the sparrow, he chirps in the trees,
The raven watches alertly, for he knows what he sees.
He silently watches the others go about their day,
Watches the hummingbird flutter and play,
And sees the woodpecker’s prey cower away.
He keeps an eye on the bluejay, that one’s just trouble.
And paired with the finch, his worries will double.
The finch gets in trouble, so easy to catch,
But who in the world would suspect the good jay?

Brace yourselves now, a fight is sure brewing.
The raven's eyes twitch, anticipation is queuing.
Tension spurs and the raven is sure-
The sparrow has made himself an opponent to burn.
The ducks and the pigeons, they stare with dismay!
Watching the quarrel, the horrid display.
The raven’s screech echoes over the trees,
He’s eager to win, his feathers fueled by fury.
His attack is clean, diving down with claws outstretched,
Swift as an asteroid, he knows what he wants.
Tough as nails, strike like an arrow,
The raven has won the head of the sparrow.
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