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A song for the millenials.
Oh To Be Young Again

I wanna be a victim,
don’t really care who kicked him,
‘cause someone surely pinched me
and now you have to tell me
who it was.

You know that I’m entitled
though all my life I’ve idled,
I don’t think that it matters
if all my thoughts are scattered,
it’s your loss.

Don’t tell me I should listen;
the point you’re always missin’
is I’m the darling daughter,
now give me what you oughta.
Who’s the boss?

And don’t tell me it’s my fault
if I’ve heard the names you’re called;
I might have told the story
to everyone that’s for me.
Why so cross?

I heard it from my teacher
(of course, she wouldn’t reach yer)
this country’s bad and evil
and all its laws are lethal,
it’s all dross.

I don’t really want to age,
the idea makes me rage,
I think I’ll identify
as so young I’m trendified.
Love you lots.

Line count: 30
Rhymed aabbc ddeec ffggc hhiic jjkkc llmmc, syllables per line 7,7,7,7,3
For Rebel Poetry Contest, March 2024
Prompt 2,
Kick Me video.
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