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A Rshi's curse on a prince became a blessing. To know how? please read the story.

Once upon a time in India, A kingdom named Bharanipur was ruled by a king named Ripudaman. His son Prince Vats was very luxurious. King Ripudaman was pious and benevolent. He also had great respect for the sages. Prince Vatsa did not understand why his father Ripudaman was so respectful to sages. According to him, there could be no one equal to the dynasty because the king is the guardian of the subjects. He does not even bow down like other people when he meets a sage on the way. Ripudaman was disappointed with his behavior. For this reason, he did not declare him the crown prince even if he wanted to.
There was an ashram of a sage Bhadra in Bharanipur. There he lived with his wife Achala and his daughter Rishibala, who was about nineteen years old.
Incidentally, in the atmosphere of the spring festival Rishibala, the young daughter of sage Bhadra and prince Vats encountered. They were attracted to each other and the conversation started. They seemed to have fallen in love at first sight.
Prince Vatsa was intoxicated with youth and wine. He held Rishibala's hand. Rishibala was also fascinated by The handsome prince. In the joyous gaiety of the Spring festival, Rishibala couldn't grasp his intention. He took her with him to his private garden named Madan Kunj. On entering the garden a gust of fragrant air came out caressing Rishibala's face. She had a strange intoxicating feeling. Vatsa, holding her hand, took her to the palace in the middle of the garden.
The spring festival had passed and the tide of euphoria had also subsided. Rishibala was waiting for the arrival of Prince Vatsa. In the palace of Madan Kunj taking her in his arms, he said, "I will soon come to ask the sage for your hand."
One year it was passed. The wait didn't end. Spring arrived again and the spring festival was celebrated. Rishibala entered the spring festival courtyard of the king with the hope of meeting Prince Vatsa prince Vats was present there but he ignored her and proceeded towards his private garden with the court dancer.

Rishibala saw all this. And filled with agony she returned to the ashram.
Rishi Bhadra felt the deep sadness of the daughter. Mother Achala was also worried. Rishi Bala did not tell anything to anyone for a long time. One day Achala asked the reason for her sadness, and then she told about the behavior of Prince Vats. Achala told Rishi Bhadra.
Rishi Bhadra decided to meet Prince Vatsa and ask him to marry Rishibala. He went to the prince with her.
When Rishi Bhadra discussed the matter with Prince Vats, he declined to even know her.
Sage Bhadra lost his temper; and in anger, he said to Prince Vats, " I curse you to attain old age immediately."
Immediately prince Vats transformed from a young man into an old man.
There could not have been a bigger punishment for Prince Vats.
Prince Vatsa fell at the feet of Rishi Bhadra and started asking for forgiveness.
Prince Vats said, " Please free me from this curse. I am ready to marry Rishibala."
Rishi Bhadra asked Rishibala " Will you marry Prince Vatsa."
She replied, "I can not marry a deceitful man"
Prince Vats grabbed Bhadra's feet and started pleading vehemently.
Rishi Bhadra felt pity for him.
He said to the prince, " The curse will not return, but I fix a remedy for its redress.
Your youth will return when you do good deeds and have good thoughts. With the accumulated merit of 7 years, my curse can be removed.
Prince Vatsa thanked Rishi Bhadra and With the desire to remain young forever, he got engaged in good deeds.
Now if he did some good work, he would be filled with energy and as soon as a bad thought came, the strength of his body would go away and he would become weak like a very old man he also found it difficult to maintain himself. Therefore, he tried to avoid bad thoughts and to have good thoughts, He continued to do good deeds
Slowly his virtues started increasing.
Seeing the improvement in Prince Vats, his father handed over the kingdom to him. Now he wanted to retire from service.
Prince Vats was now Raja Vats. While doing good deeds for the removal of the curse, he found pleasure. He felt happiness only in working for the benefit of the people.
Seven Years later his curse was removed but now his nature had changed.
Now he continued on the good path even though there was no fear of old age. His fame spread far and wide.
He knew that Rishibala had decided not to marry anyone after the betrayal.
He apologized to Sage and Rishibala and prayed for Rishibala to marry him.
Familiar with the present. At the behest of the sage, Rishibala agreed to marry King Vatsa.
Both of them got married with pomp and they started living happily.
The curse of the sage had become a blessing for Prince Vatsa.
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