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A poem about my beloved cat Buffy who passed away in 1993.
My cat who passed away in 1993


Visiting friends while you ran free
Beautiful eyes looked up at me,
Born three thousand-ten miles away
Chosen your person that Sunday.

Named for a friend’s daughter with care
At six weeks you grew orange hair,
You’re a hit flying on a plane
Holding you tight as home you came.

Always listening to my woes
Feeling lucky ‘twas me you chose,
Never picky ‘bout things to eat
How easy, no demands to meet.

Here is how all came to an end
Guilty, was I who would not mend,
Arriving home from work so late
Longer than ever made you wait.

Not there at your usual place
Puzzled by not seeing your face,
Knock at my door from neighbor Star
Said my girl got hit by a car.

Fourteen great years were gone like that
The news had me taken aback,
Now I say it is a sure bet
Buffy, my cat I won’t forget.



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