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by bas
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2317790
Bandhu learns to shoot arrows, with a fond memory
"No, you can not shoot the arrow holding it like that ." Hani, the elder one, pulled Bandhu's hand away from the bow.

"Your arrow will never hit the target if you font hold the bow properly." Hani lifted the bow again, placed the arrow in its slot ," Can you see how my elbows are straight, how my legs are place ?" Hani turned to see Bandhu staring at a tree behind them.
"What is the matter buddy, you seem lost ? " Bandhu pointed to the tree, "That reminds me of grandfather "

Hani smiled realizing why Bandhu was so lost "Yes Bandhu, i remember grandfather used to pluck us fruits from that" he patted Bandhu on his head continuing "but don't you think he would be proud to see his Bandhu shoot a fruit down by himself ? "

"You think he is watching ?"
"Grandfather is always watching us from heaven" Hani smiled at Bandhu before adding with a wink " you know there is nothing else to do in heaven any way. "

Both laughed as Bandhu picked the bow again "Can you explain it to me once more, I will listen properly this time ."
"Sure" Hani moved Bandhu's hands to the right position ,"Now aim and shoot".

Bandhu aimed at the fruit hanging high on the tree "This is for you grandpa" and let go of the arrow .
"Wow, great one Bandhu." Hani clapped as the fruit fell on the ground.

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Word Count : 239
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