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A girl who was craving for love and friendship.Join us in the journey of....The Unkown.
Hello Everyone !!!
So,I am a bit nervous as it is my first time writing something but I hope my journey goes well here.
There are a lot many things which we dream of doing but the situation wouldn't actually permit us to do so.Today I am going to share the dream of the girl who lived the dream of doing and achieving great things in her life.
A girl from a city who lived a simple life with her family without many restrictions,she was a very sensitive for whom family meant everything .She literally had no friends to talk from her schooling . She cared for each and everyone no matter what but she never got it in return not like she expected it from them, their behaviour was towards her,she was hurt by people who was using her but she was too good to do the same with them all she knows is to bear the things but she never failed to smile no one ever got what she is going through it's like no one can ever imagine that she is facing a lot becoz of the people all thet thought was she was rich enough to have everything whatever she wanted and a family who love her till moon and back BUT IF AND ONLY IF THEY TRIED TO UNDERSTAND THAT SHE WAS LONGING FOR A SUPPORT IN HER LIFE.

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