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Here comes the next part of the story of the sensitive heart,Join the journey to feel life
Hello Everyone!!
Sorry to keep you all waiting but here comes the next part of our story.
So, this is to the girl who was longing some sort of support in her life when she came across a different set of people for the first time in her life after 18years she finally thought all her sufferings were coming to an end because of the friends she has around herself. Life was all what she wanted it to be like she got bestfriend whom she felt like sharing everything, the introverted she became an ambivert. But the thing which she fears most had hit her back like a wave which collapsed all her happiness in a moment. The misunderstanding , it destroys many relations which destroyed the poor hearts-best friendship. She don't exactly know whom to talk with even if she wants to she don't sknow what exactly to talk about , life had brought her back to her depressed phase of her life, sitting in a corner always being surrounded with overthinking she was a beautiful but walking corpse. The lively and chirpy girl turned silent and no one is affected except her. She don't know where life is taking her to but she is just going along the flow to search for her happiness which is not yet written in her fate. She started questioning about herself is she that bad that people give up on her so easily, that no one tried to get her feelings, that they blamed everything on her and let her go.
Giving someone importance made her loose her self-respect,but she never cared about herself ,for her, her friends and family comes first and people ask why you cry so easily?? Have anyone tried to understand the reason behind sorrows???Did they ever tried to question themselves that what had affected her so much??

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