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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · LGBTQ+ · #2321176
As Axis and Bez learn about eachother more, it becomes more difficult to hide what lies
Bez was still in bed half asleep Axis sat up on the phone talking to someone judging by his reactions and comments it seemed like his mom. He let out a loud sigh and hung up. Fuck, goddamn sacks of shit he complained pissed off. What happened? Bez asked groggily.

Nothing Axis said turning around startled by his awakance. Hey, tpyically'd get groceries so my fridge is looking pretty empty, wanna head out and get something to eat? sure! half an hour later the pair was dressed once again Bez was stuck wearing some old clothes his ex had left behind. Bez was wearing a baggy slightly ripped red and black striped shirt, with Doc Martins and dark blue shirts with ripped tights.

Axis was dressed wearing a dark blue hoodie up zipped, a white tank, and dark blue jean pants. Ugh, Axis groaned as he was shuffling through his wardrobe, the stupid zipper of my sweater isn't working. Isn't it gonna be hot today? why bother zipping it ugh I think its pretty obvious, Bez raised an eyebrow and tilted his head to the side confused

my stomach..he mumbled I ain't exactly tryna.. never mind. Huh, why on earth would you want to hide that? makes you nicer to hold anyway like last night- EH?! Axis held onto his neck embarrassed, looking away.

L-lets just go.. soon after they had arrived at Void Cofi, Axis had ordered a Vinalla iced coffee, with whipped cream. God, I love this shit its so good ya ordering anything doll? he said looking at Bez as they stood in line uh I don't know I suppose uhh macha creamy chill seems good?

I'll just have that in an extra large. EH?! Aren't those like Axis showed how big that size was with his hands, visibly surprised. Yeah, I know sadly it's still too small he said slightly frowning.

how come the small ones eat and weigh the most Axis thought to himself. Axis dug in his pockets in search of his wallet, I have it gimme a sec- but before he could finish his sentence Bez hastily slid his card into the reader. It would be rude for me not to pay after all it's the least I could do after crashing at your place, Bez said gently smiling. thanks..? Axis said dumbfounded.

They found a table with a couch isolated in the corner of the void cofi. Huh, this place is certainly rather larger than last time
..huh, I and my friend Jack would always hang out here! Don't tell anyone this but he was SO crushing on the cashier. God this stuff is good Axis said taking a sip of his coffee.

Axis took off the lid and began to scoop up whipped cream with the straw and licked the straw thoroughly, god its such a pain trying to get the whipped cream any other way! this is so much more convenient wouldnt ya agree?

Bez's nose began to bleed, of course, somehow how Axis didn't realize how lewd it looked for him to be doing such a thing. They sat there and talked for hours nonstop. Until out of nowhere Axis got up and slammed the table. I JUST REALIZED! I was wondering why you looked so familiar Bez Elementary School Bez and the first year of middle school Bez weird kid.

THATS YOU!! Axis smiled brightly upon the realization. yeah, I recognized you too when we met Axis at least I didn't forget I am offended that you don't recognize me even though I do with you. IM SORRY I have shit memory you know that I mean you should..! god, I still can't believe it look at you all grown up you are so much cuter button, and taller. The same thing could go with you, time certainly changes a person huh?

You were certainly different back at that freaky school. I HATED it but probably worse for you I mean you had no friends.. he said with a sad look on his face. Yeah, but I wasn't totally alone I had you. God, we were so cringey remember when we would hide under my bed after school and draw stupid crap on the faces of people we didn't like in our class photo. Or how we came up with a secret handshake, I might still know it actually Axis pointed out.

It goes like this then.. that yeah! With ease, the pair was able to do their secret handshake just like old times. you know it's so sweet being able to know someone who isnt a total creep or toxic like I hate people who are violent and over-possessive. Shit Bez thought to himself that what Bez was exactly more specifically with Axis. this was going to be an issue.. he knew that lying was bad but.. it's not exactly like anyone cared enough to teach him right or wrong.

After the coffee, they decided to go to another place then another. It was now 7 pm and it was dark out. Ah fuck Bez groaned, the body. The one in the freezer? Axis asked clarifying. SHUT UP YOU'RE IN PUBLIC!! Bez placed his hand to Axis's mouth which led to Axis licking his hand. Bez was somehow grossed out and turned on by this. (i don't know either). they drove off to the grocery store to see a policeman standing outside leaning back against the wall smoking a cigarette. nice to see you guys out and a familiar face at that.

I've heard something about a concerning increase in the number of deaths lately you boys wouldnt happen to know anything about that right? Axis stared at Bez you told me it was one he whispered in a hushed tone. shut up the popo is right here!

Axis furrowed his brows slightly annoyed and hints of hurt stung his heart. what yall talking about? Something I should know he said skeptically no uh just f..- Axis shook his head that was stupid. Uhh flavored..? uh condoms..the uh green ones are my favorite? delicious?? the Police officer choked almost swallowing his cigarette caught off guard. Well, ain't that interesting he said regaining his composure. But I'll still have to check inside. At first, everything seemed fine he was just checking out the cash register and the snack isles.

And then he got closer to the freeze room then observed it looking around. Slowly Axis creeped behind him about to hit him on the head with his baseball bat. Bez rose over and pulled it away just in time before he whipped his head around. OH, it's just you weirdos I thought that you guys were trying to pull a fast one on me. Id suggest you 2 leave and avoid causing any more disturbances. the pair stood outside Axis had his arms crossed and tapped his foot nervous trying to figure out a plan if they were caught.

Suddenly the policeman came running outside. Police put your hands up he said pointing a gun to Axis. Oh fuck the pair said in synchronization. You had donuts and didn't tell me?! cmon that's just cruel well everything seems okay but don't get too comfortable i noticed the odd amounts of blood in the corner of the freeze room, may wanna check that out he said suspiciously.

Fuck I thought I was gonna die, my head spinning from all this crime bullshit wanna head to the local bar and drink this feelin' away? you bet ur sweet ass im down! They headed to the closed bar called "Henry's Booze to forget your woos". A rando was calling out Axis's name oddly enough Axis was looking away and put his hood up. I think someone calling your name Axis..? Ignore it he said sharply. Hey! The person caught up and walked over to Axis.

Hey, what the fuck happened man? you just left EVERYTHING like forget me and the fact that we were dating for a year and you just left me but EVERYONE?! do you have any clue how stressed I was?! b-but.. we can put all that behind us, I just wanna know if you're okay like I know that ever since that t- the person reached for his hand. forget it i-i.. don't wanna ever see you again Axis said his voice cracking. i-im..sorry he rushed over to the bar with Bez following closely behind him.

Who was that person?! just an ex..no one just he sighed just forget about them. Axis took off his sweater, feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. He ordered a glass of wine and finally wound down. Not before some creepy guy who was way too old for Axis appeared out of nowhere and rudely took the seat Bez was about to sit on. Heya sugar tits, I noticed you seeming gloomy over here mind if I gave you company maybe bought ya something?

The man's breathing grew heavy. Axis looked away clearly uncomfortable uh I don't know I've already had a lot to drink. Don't fuckin lie to me sweetie he said glaring at him sounding pissed off. I see you only have one glass over here, and I've had my eye on you. Bez desperately wanted to step in, but he was already afraid of making him more upset after that whole debacle of a conversation with his ex.

Suddenly the alcohol must have gotten to his head because he began sliding his hand up Axis's upper thigh clearly about to grope him. That's when Bez had enough, he pulled out a taser from his pocket and held it close to the man's neck restraining him. Don't fucking touch him. The creep apologized and bolted out of the bar.

Why the fuck would you just let that happen?! he said gripping onto his wrist so that he couldn't leave. For a second his face softened and he seemed like he was going to give a genuine reply but instead shook his head Don't fucking touch me, your not my damn boyfriend quit acting like it.. Axis paid the bartender and walked out the door.

Stunned, Bez sat in his chair replaying the situation over and over again in his head. He knew that he was in the wrong but just couldn't stand to sit by while clearly, something wrong and morbid was happening right in front of him let alone to his dear Axis. He was so open and light-hearted earlier but now he felt so cold and distant.. Bez wanted to wallow in his pain but he had better things to do better things like finding Axis.

can someone please give me tips for improving this story like idk i feel like this is total shit idk why maybe its like writers block or smt idk?? like when you stare at your art for to long and you realize all the falws and hate it idk helpp also idk why i bothered wrtin this my last chapter 2 story was like no one reviewd liek whyd i write a part 3?! sorry for my rambling i just am on crack rn
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