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Without knowing the consequences, I let a stranger into my house, and this happened...
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This story is a work of fiction intended to be taken only for entertainment. Only the message is meant to be taken seriously. All the characters, or perhaps, both of the characters and places are completely fictional and do not relate to any real-life place and persons.

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A Rainy Night's Encounter

It was a rainy night, I took out my diary from the mantelpiece as I flicked through its pages. Flipping through sequential dates with random numbers like 1, 3, 2, 1, 2, 1, 0, 1, 3, 2, I finally ended up on a blank page where I wrote the date 03/23/2012, and left the diary on the mantelpiece.
My house was situated near a cemetery, not really far away from 3rd street behind its walls. It was a huge place, furnished with antiques, the ceiling of the living room decorated with chandeliers. I had no problem living there, except that there would be a knock on the door every night at random times. But it was just a matter of a few weeks till I was able to sleep through it.
I always believed in ghosts, and I knew that they existed, but I never perceived them as hostile. After all, why would someone want to kill me, except that he or she would have done that in the first place?
The television kept losing signal because of heavy rain which kept disturbing my show. As I laid back on my couch to relax, a sudden knock on the front door shook me. I found that abnormal since these activities would take place between 3 to 4 A.M..
I opened the door as I saw a man who was drenched from head to toe. His hair was messy and wet, water dripping down his face. Foreboding alarms were ringing in my ears as I saw him shaking water off his hands.
"What are you doing here at this time?" I inquired.
"I... I have been stuck in the rain for about 30 minutes, then I saw this house, so I came here to ask for shelter till the rain lightens." Said the man. I could hear his timid voice quavering, as if his nose was blocked due to cold.
Ignoring the warning bells ringing in my mind, I invited him inside and sat him near the fireplace. His hands were fidgeting and his eyes were glancing around. His behavior grew insanely arbitrary as he kept contemplating the crackling fire.
Even though I regretted my decision to let him in, my morals didn't allow me to ask him to leave. As I strolled to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee, I glanced at the man and inquired if he wanted some, to which he nodded his head, emphasizing his acceptance to the offer.
I fetched two cups from the cabinet, added some coffee powder to it and placed a kettle filled with water on the stove to boil. I couldn't realize as I focused on the kettle that the crackling sound of the fire had now disappeared. Concerned, I walked to the living room and noticed that the fire was extinguished.
I darted my eyes around and saw that the window was open. I closed it and started the fire again. The man was sitting in silence, contemplating, his hands were relaxed, a sulky expression was stuck on his face.
Minding not his strange behavior, I made my way to the kitchen again. The kettle whistled as I turned off the gas and poured the water in the cups. As I was stirring the water in the cup, a strident sound of a glass shattering on the floor ran through my ears.
I quickly ran to the living room where I saw that the man was standing still, his eyes popped out as his hands shook.
"You picked the wrong house, fool!" I said as I realized what he was about to do to me. With fear dripping down his face, he picked up a shard with his nervous hands and swiftly took steps towards me. But something pushed him, perhaps a spectral energy, and he fell on his back.
He lurched, making unsteady movements. But before he was able to do anything, a shadow emerged from the darkness, capturing him by his neck while I stood there astonished.
The man thrashed his feet, grunting in fear, begging to be set free. But the shadow showed no mercy as it snapped his neck.
As he fell lifeless on the ground, a hysterical laugh echoed through the hallway. It was me, I started cackling like a psycho as I stood near his body, watching it become blue. I dragged the body to the cemetery, and as I buried him in the pit which I had dug before, I sang the song 'house of memories' in a low and eerie voice.
I took soft steps into my house, I opened my diary and wrote under today's date '1' and closed it as I went back into my grave.
The power of deception. I deceived you. I pretended to be a victim, and if you believed me, then you are nae.

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