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The road never taken in the middle of the night.

This story is a work of fiction and does not relate to any real life events. The characters written are as real as my younger sister.

The Last Drive

It was probably 3 A.M. in the middle of the night. I was on my way back home from my office's party. My office was really far away from my home, it was approximately an hour away. The road I used to take was way different at 3 A.M than it would be at the regular time I would leave my office. It was very dark, the silence which was only broken by the steady throbbing of the engine and the soft rustling of leaves.

As I steered along the pitch-dark path, my headlights caught a figure standing by the footpath which slowly revealed itself as a middle-aged woman, dressed in a black funeral dress, her face covered in a dispirited expression of sorrow.

Despite my typical instincts of avoiding interaction, something forced me to help that woman, perhaps it was my moral compass. The compulsion led me to offer her a ride despite the omen circling my mind.

The woman climbed to the passenger seat as she sat there quietly. The sullen silence was until she started speaking about a person, someone who I perceived was close to her, for she knew a lot about the person and wouldn't stop talking about him. A sense of unease was emerging as she kept talking about his ill-fated journey which took a disastrous turn and became his last drive. As unsettling as her words came across to me, I tried to hide my discomfort.

An eerie silence arose as the woman fell quiet again, her eyes glaring at the road and her weak, wrinkly hands wherewith she wiped her tears.

As the drive pursued, I lost track of the road, probably because of drowsiness. I couldn't keep my eyes on the way. As the distance kept shortening, I could augur a danger. I couldn't hide my discomfort anymore, and that's when I decided that I should evict her.
When I put my foot on the brake, the realization hit me like a ton of bricks as I found out that the brake had failed. When I looked over to the woman, I saw her smiling sinisterly.

In a desperate attempt to save myself, I pulled the handbrake but to my surprise, that also didn't work. My eyes grew wide as I saw a dead end that the car was approaching swiftly. That woman looked at me for the last time and then vanished. My car crashed into a rock and my head collided with the steering wheel as I fell unconscious.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a room full of mourning people. They were dressed in black. Confused, I looked down at a dead body and I froze to the ground when I realized that it was me. I was dead. That woman was in front of me, glaring at me. Her smile was wider than before, her eyes burning in red, and her hands caressing over my corpse's forehead as she tilted her head slightly to the left and walked away.

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