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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Holiday · #996527
Katrina & Cameron celebrate Christmas with a special gift.
Author's Note: This is a short series about the Masterson family. Each part is written in the first person by a different member of the family as Christmas approaches. Gifts #6 is told by Cameron and Katrina Masterson.



I rolled over and snuggled the sleeping body of my wife, placing a protective arm over her. I could feel the silk of her nightgown separate our skin. I pulled the covers over us, ensuring we were covered. She squirmed a little. Her scent, her soft skin, even after all these years still drives me crazy.


My eyes shot open. My daughter, Terri, was standing next to our bed, dressed in her PJ’s, clearly excited. I felt Katrina respond under the covers. I knew she was awake. I leaned up, over her shoulder, with my sleepy eyes to look at Terri. Katrina’s eyes were also opened.

My daughter was beautiful.

“Terri, what time is it?” I muttered.

“It’s six. Can we open gifts now, Daddy? It’s Christmas,” she said. This kid was so excited…!

Katrina moaned. She was still very tired.

“Ah, Dad, Mom, sorry…” came another voice. Katrina and I propped ourselves up on our elbows and she ran her fingers through her long hair. Our twins, Tyler and Taylor, were also in their PJ’s, standing at our doorway.

“We tried to stop her,” said Taylor playing with her hands.

“Huh? Can we Daddy? Can we Mommy? Please!!” begged Terri. And I want another one. What am I thinking?

“Terri, we’ll open gifts later okay…” I said firmly.

My daughter looked at me with her sad-sack eyes. I almost melted and then I looked at Katrina. She had jabbed me underneath the covers. Katrina’s eyes were wide – very wide – as if she were trying to remind me of something…

“Terri, it’s six in the morning. Give your mother and I some time to wake up, all right? We’ll be down soon,” I insisted.

“Come on, Terri,” said Taylor standing at the door, “Take my hand.”

It was like the twins were scared to come in our bedroom. Terri sadly walked over to Taylor and took her hand. They all turned around to walk out.

“Tyler!” I cried out.

He turned around. I twisted my wrist and he got the hint. He set the lock on the door and firmly shut it, ensuring the door would not open.

Katrina looked at me, “You wanted to give in to her, didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” I said, “And I caught Aceves bug eyes! Scared me to death!” I teased.

“Yeah – right,” she grinned lying back down on the bed, her head on the pillow.

Quickly, I rolled on top of her, leaned over her, my knees holding me up, taking her arms and placing them over her head while lacing my fingers through hers. My lips were inches from her hot inviting mouth.

“So Aceves, do you have a Christmas gift for me?” Her eyes were sparkling. It was like she was glowing!

“Yes, Cam…” she whispered.

“You do? You are?” I was feeling a million things!

“I am,” she confirmed.

I kissed her. I tried to be tender, gentle, but I was so excited by her news, her gift, her condition, I couldn’t breath and neither could she.

Anxiously, I broke it off, finding her expressive eyes, “Are you okay, Trina?”

“Yes,” she said intensely.

I rolled off her and we turned toward each other, facing each other on our sides. I took my hand and slid it underneath her nightgown and delicately placed it on her tummy, rubbing her.

“We’re going to have another baby? Another Masterson?” I said softly in awe.

“Cam, we’ve got to be careful. Very careful,” she said concerned.

“We will. That’s it. You’re a stay at home Mom. Starting right now. No stress for you. I’ll handle all the stress,” I said firmly, “Give me your stress.”

She laughed, “Oh. So now I don’t get any say…?” she grinned finding my eyes.

“Nope. No say. Well, I might need your help in picking out a name. After all, it is your baby too…” I said, continuing to touch her and rub her. I knew what was happening. I was getting excited and I nuzzled her face with mine.

“You’ve given me the BEST Christmas gift ever!” I whispered. I really enjoyed being a father.

Touching her, rubbing her, she started touching me back – rubbing her hand on my body. I kissed her.

I felt so good all over. My body was tingling everywhere and there was nothing I wanted more than to take my wife and make love to her - my beautiful pregnant wife!

I began to explore her – her body – finding her eyes…looking for her permission –

I rolled on top of her, kissing her neck, so tender, teasing her, oh, I loved to tease her with care, like fine wine.

I was breathing deeply for her, sexually hot for her, and she returned it. Her hand was aggressively rubbing my manhood, sending wave after wave of intense feelings and pleasure inside me.

Her body was so tender under mine, delicate. It was so hard to be gentle feeling like this. I knew had to be gentle though, especially now.

I intertwined our fingers again, breathless and hot, her eyes giving me permission. I always found her eyes first. I eased into her, firm and hard, intimately connecting with her. Sexually, she’s so hot! She’s so responsive to my every thrust – it’s intense! So intense…for both of us. I watched her eyes dance with delight!

I exploded inside her and felt such a rush throughout my body, being careful not crush her or hurt her as I collapsed on the bed next to her.

“Did you too?” I whispered breathlessly finding her face. I hadn’t heard her cry out and her climax was important to me. “I didn’t hear you…”

She nodded her head, ‘yes’.

“You held it in – the kids?” I whispered.

Again, she nodded her head, ‘yes.’ – just as breathless. That couldn’t have been easy. Katrina loved to express herself to me while in our bed.

“Let’s take a shower and then go downstairs to open gifts with the kids,” I whispered.

She smiled and nodded as we got up, going to the shower.



Cameron and I finished our shower and put on a clean pair of pajamas. I glanced at the clock as we opened our bedroom door. 7:30 am. We went downstairs and walked into the living room only to find breakfast laid out and the kids scattered around the tree. Trevor shut off the TV. Terri’s face lit up when she saw us.

“Can we open gifts now?” asked Terri ogling the gifts underneath the tree.

“Will you calm down, Terri,” said Trevor smiling, “Let Mom and Dad eat first.”

Cameron sat down in front of the coffee table and eyed our feast that the kids had made. Warm coffee, burnt toast, fruit, and granola.

“What? No eggs?” asked Cam smiling.

God! His smile was so sexy!

The kids gave each other confused looks.

“Well, we were afraid we wouldn’t cook them right,” said Taylor, playing with her hands.

“So who burnt the toast?” I asked grinning.

“I did,” said Terri proudly.

Cameron poured himself a coffee while I made a bowl of granola. He very obviously did not pour me a cup.

“Mom, don’t you want coffee?” asked Trevor. He was sitting next to Terri. It just amazed me how he noticed everything.

“No. Maybe some orange juice?” I said awkwardly.

Trevor got to his feet and dashed off.

Cam and I ate some of the fruit and I finished my granola. Cameron, God bless his heart, ate Terri’s burst toast. Trevor came back with my OJ and as soon as we finished, we allowed the kids to open up their gifts.

Terri of course, hurriedly opened every gift and she loved every one. I laid down on my stomach, supporting myself on my elbows just enjoying them as they opened their goodies. Cam laid next to me and we both smiled, watching our kids, laughing and giggling with them.

“What about your gifts?” asked Tyler looking at us. We hadn’t touched their gifts to us, choosing instead to enjoy them. He had found a nice watch for Cam while we were in New York and I know he was anxious to see his father’s face.

Cameron grinned, “Well guys, your Mom and I have one more Christmas gift for you.” He placed his arm over my shoulder.

“Cool,” said Tyler.

Taylor grinned, “Well, don’t keep us in suspense.”

“Can I play with it?” asked Terri.

“So where is it?” asked Trevor, with this serious look on his face.

Cam paused, looked at me, and we smiled, connecting, drawing strength from each other.

“Guys,” said Cam, “Your Mom is pregnant. We’re going to have another baby.”

“Oooohhhh….” said Terri, her face lighting up. She was clearly happy.

“Cool,” said Tyler.

“Wow,” said Taylor.

I looked at Trevor. My oldest son appeared shocked.

“Trevor? You’re not happy for us?” asked Cameron, sitting up. I sat up too, serious all of a sudden. Tyler, Taylor, and Terri looked confused.

“What’s wrong, Trevor?” I asked choking back my disappointment

“Mom…Come on! You’re over thirty-five! This is dangerous stuff! A million things could go wrong!” he said passionately. Then he paused, “You could die!”

Tyler looked at Trevor, “Trev, aren’t you overreacting dude? Mom’s not going to die.” He sounded stern.

Cameron spoke up, “Trevor’s right. This pregnancy is risky because your Mom is over thirty-five. Actually, there’s a lot to worry about. Besides the hemophilia, there’s an increased risk for Down’s Syndrome and other stuff like Tay Sachs…”

“What’s that?” asked Taylor, wrinkling her brow.

“A disease which effects the central nervous system,” said Cameron patiently.

“But we’ve looked into this. We’ve done our research. We didn’t make this decision lightly,” said Cam firmly.

Trevor just sat there, his face an intense jumble of emotion.

“We’re going to be smart about this and as safe as we can be. That’s why I’m taking off from work,” I added calmly. I could tell Trevor was struggling with this.

“I just don’t want to lose you,” he muttered wrinkling his brow.

“You’re not going to lose me…” I said firmly.

“Are there other reasons this isn’t cool with you Trevor?” asked Cameron, with concern his arm around my waist.

“No,” said Trevor. Then he looked at me, “You mean the world to me, Mom.”

I motioned for him to come to me. He hesitantly did and I pulled him into a tight embrace. I could feel how scared he was, as his arms shook. Cameron looked at us awkwardly. Then he motioned for the other kids to join us and we all shared in a satisfying family hug.

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