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Poetry became a catharsis for teenaged angst. My first poem was not about a break-up. It was about a love, that never began. Since that time I have written essays, educational pieces, radio advertisements and flash fiction. Radio announcing has always been a love of mine as well as piano playing for churches and restaurants. I really enjoyed my time as a tuba player in high school and college. I would love to play the tuba, again in some orchestra. Beyond that gardening is my avocation. Hibiscuses, pansies, caladiums, nandinas, hostas and roses are my "children." I have been honored to be mentored by ~ Santa Sisco ~ in "Retired Founder, Rising Stars Program.
As humans we experience many stresses, but we learn from nature, that stress brings life.
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David, the shepherd became David, the king. Victory is often more humility than greatness.
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The loss of my loving mother to her body's death is both painful and reassuring.
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Type: Poetry
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