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Welcome Y'all and fellowship of Bloggers!✏️ THANKs for your feedback! I'm DL (The) Spirit~writer! This portfolio is 20 years old and is getting a big makeover. There's something for most everybody! Unworldly, Poetry,self help, animals and daily reality. Enjoy some mocha ☕ or pop! Thanks for the honor being a preferred author. This community Rocks, glad to be part of it! Praying 🙏 for relief of suffering in our world ☸️ for All people. If not now when? ⛪💒🕍🛐 Thanks for stopping by. "disABILITY WRITERS GROUP [E] One of the great groups here! ✒️🎼🤗
Writers hang out for TZ and those otherworldy realities! ⏳ ⏰
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Through the Seasoned Eyes of a Spirit~writer and traveler 😁!
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