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I have always been one to sit and think, sometimes take drives to clear my mind. Recently, from the loss of my brother and grandpa, I've found the passion to put those thoughts on record. I want to express myself, even though growing up, that really wasn't how we were raised. So, here's myself, letting everyone get a glimpse of who I am and how I think.
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    Many years ago, it wasn't easy being in love. It wasn't right to feel a certain way.
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    When our loved ones depart, look for the signs. They will reach out to us.
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    Bullying is ugly and someone have it harder than others.
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    Life is a flame and its lit when its dark, but it will burn out.
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    Writing a letter to my brother who has departed.
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    Daily we battle the grief of those we lose.
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    Take time to look inside yourself.
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    We always think we have enough time, for whatever we need to fix. Don't let time slip.
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    Life begins and ends. There's an opposite side for all. What side will you end up in
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    We all have a book that is written of us. My book is dark, that I will bring to light.
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    Growing up without a father, the dark truth behind it hurts.
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    taking life for granted can stop two people from reconciling their differences.
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    A dream, feeling the emptiness that becomes reality.
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