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         Hello and welcome to my little corner of Writing.com. Sadly, my writing is on a hiatus. I think my muse has gone on a vacation, found a fantastic place they love, and refuses to return. My writing can be a bit eclectic. Sometimes I write something not meant to be taken seriously, just read for fun. Until my Muse chooses to return, I will write when I can, though probably sporadically.
Photographs from my travels around the country
Rated: E
265 Pictures
Travel, Other
Type: Photo Album
Updated about a month ago
On 09/12/01, at 1:30 am, Nick's phone rings. The call changes both their lives.
Rated: 13+
~3,320 Words
Emotional, Relationship, Other
Type: Fiction
Updated 5 years ago
Why did these pages exist? Why did burning flames not affect them?
Rated: E
~1,090 Words
Mystery, Thriller/Suspense, Other
Type: Fiction
Updated 13 days ago
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