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Hello! Welcome to my musings. I write for myself mostly. If you like what I write, thats cool! If you have feedback you're more than welcome to drop a review. what I want to say is not for everyone. I like to talk about feelings, some science and the environment sometimes. That said I also like to write primarily fantasy and science fiction. I've tried to write horror with limited success. While I mostly write short works. I wrote a novel which I am including in this portfolio. I intend to write other novels later.(as for where you'll find those I haven't the foggiest. Google Books? Traditional? Maybe both. It's not set in stone.)
This is for the a contest. Amphibian Sentients meet humans again.
Rated: 13+
~2,583 Words
Contest Entry, Fantasy, Animal
Type: Short Story
Updated 5 months ago
A poem juxtaposing joy and sorrow.
Rated: E
~63 Words
Biographical, Emotional, Other
Type: Poetry
Updated 5 months ago
It's been peaceful since the Highland Games. Until the famine. Merida must save the clans.
Rated: ASR
~887 Words
Fanfiction, Fantasy, Folklore
Type: Short Story
Updated 2 months ago
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