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September 21
Brisbane, Australia
About Me
I'm a recovering addict, although this doesn't define me. My first piece of writing came in Jan 2018. I'm proud of the work I've produced since then. Love learning, but didn't fit in at school. Now, I am paying for it with a lack of ability in the mechanics of writing. More storyteller than great writer, but I am getting there with this side of things. I can thank WDC for helping with this. I like who I am without drugs but am acutely aware that I must take one day at a time & not fall back.
Type of Writer
A novice. Passionate & honest. Unashamed, with my aim being to entertain the reader, yet finding cathartic self-reflection
Writing Style
If I have a style, I hope it would be entertaining. I write fast-paced & leave out unnecessary details that might be a bore.
I'm interested in people...what motivates & drives us. Our fears & hopes & dreams. I'm interested in space/time and in our existence (if we actually do exist). I'm interested in both natural and artificial intelligence, & if there is any difference.
Favorite Genres
Science Fiction, Crime and Autobiographical works by interesting people.
Favorite Books
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Hunter S. Thompson), Pulp Fiction (Quentin Tarantino), Game of Knowns (Dr Karl Kruszelnicki), A Brief History of Time (Professor Stephen W. Hawking). Anything by Isaac Asimov
Favorite Authors
As above...Arthur C. Clark
Favorite Quote
If we changed everything to do with our art that others say we should, nothing would remain of our own, and instead, would belong to them. Dr Gonzo.
Printed from https://shop.writing.com/main/profile/biography/neilfury