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Changed out my phone's screen protector and diagnosed a charging problem all by myself! Feeling so hardware savvy.*BigSmile*
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Now if I can find the model and part number and some pentalobe screwdrivers...
Was quite enjoying an AI dubbed German documentary on the Medieval Ages throughout the world...we were doing good until we got to the Southwestern United states. (I know the US isn't the who muddle fudging world but still I lived there so I reserve the right to be pedantic!)

The english dub AI voice kept calling the place where the Anasazi dwelt Choco Canyon. Like it was out of a preschoolers candy themed board game! It's Chaco Canyon(pronounced Chay-koh) I've been there it's not made out of chocolate, it's sand stone!

The other thing that pissed me off was the way AI pronounced an endemic species' common name. Piñon Pine should never be said "Pee-non" it's "Pin" like used to be used for writing and "yon" as in hither and yon. Run the syllables together you forking ignorant machine!*Explode* *Angry* *Rage*

*Steam comes whistling out Scarypotato's ears. The vapors and shrill sounds gradually subside*

I just needed to vent. For some bizarre reason the way people pronounce words really irks me. Please continue scrolling through the news feed like nothing happened. (Also no remarks from the goober seats. I mean you MagicalIan.)
I also turned the show off before it could pronounce yucca "Yew-Kaw." *shudders*
Scarypotato is broken - or ignorantly talking about "coma people" when. They mean Acoma. I don't know if there is anyone on the Acoma Pueblo in a coma but they are not the "coma people."
I sometimes find an interesting YouTube Short regarding either of the World Wars. However, I immediately move on to something else the first time the narration says WW 'Eye' or 'Eye Eye'. It's just ridiculous.
Invented a dish I think I'll call the "Owen Bowl":

Owen Bowl

~1lb beef tips fresh
8-10 medium size button mushrooms hand sliced
2 Tbsp garlic powder
~1Tbsp soy sauce
~1 spritz of PAM to coat the frying pan
.5qt water in a sauce pan
Small bundle of Angel Hair pasta

Over medium high heat, start cooking beef tips. Then add mushrooms. Cook until brown. Then add garlic powder. Continue cooking until beef has reached internal temp of 145 Fahrenheit. Set aside.

In a separate 1quart sauce pan boil Angel Hair pasta until aldente. Drain water and combine ingredients into a bowl. Mix in soy sauce to taste and enjoy.


Uncle Owen probably would have added some chili sauce of the spicy hot variety. But I think he would've liked this.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
The Project's Ruins  (18+)
A decaying ship's hull is all that remains. Why was the vessel abandoned?
I had to rate it 18+ because it uses the F-word.
This entry "Earth is to be continued. I lost all my impetus when I got the phone call.

My husband's Uncle Owen just died. He'd been in the ICU with heart failure. I just can't begin to put into words how crummy I feel. His family is probably having a harder time than I am. RIP Owen.*Cry* *WaterDrop* *WaterDrop* *WaterDrop*
(Yes I know the people singing are black. Still this song touches my feelings right now.)

Why is it worth mentioning that the people in the video are Black?
Annette - I don't know
Annette - I'm sorry I wasn't trying to be offensive. I just didn't think before posting. If I could edit out that aside I would but it won't let me for some reason.*Blush*
I've got a week of free time! I think I'll go write a Drabble and some other things!*BigSmile*
Enjoy your free time!
Lilli 🧿 ☕ - thank you!
Good for you! Enjoy your free time *Smile*
This morning as I was helping my father in law get ready to visit a living history museum. I came up with a "brilliant" idea for a Television show.

Imagine if you will a time traveler known only as The Engineer. He travels with someone known only as The Assistant. Together they go on adventures through the histories of America, Australia, and Ireland —just to give it an international appeal.

The catch is that no matter the time period they visit, the time machine always appears as a red mobility scooter with flame decals—just to make it look cool.

Eh? Whats that? BBC came up with a show like that already? WHO would've guessed!*Shock2*

Not 'whom'? But 'Who'!
Jimminycritic - yeah, like that doctor fella that nobody can remember the name of. Ask me it's a bit unprofessional running a practice out of a police box.*Rolling*
Still broken but things are looking slightly better...although I didn't need a pic of the person's partially filled catheter bag.

I clearly missed something.

Annette - I sent you an e-mail explaining. It's been an anxious sort of week.
Pretty sure this is the weirdest poem I've written:
Ballad Of Sir Squirrel  (ASR)
The poetic tale about a plucky rodent and his nemesis Sir Hawk.
Oh goodness, that's awesome! I was at the edge of my seat *Smile* *Squirrel* *Bird*
Did you know there's a nasty character in Nicholas Nickleby named Sir Mulberry Hawk? Boy, did I learn a lot about human nature from Charles Dickens as a kid...
Amethyst Angel🌊🌿🌞 - I didn't know there was a character named Sir Mulberry Hawk! That Dickens was a genius to come up with so many odd names.
Scarypotato is broken - one of my favorites from that book was a minor character, Mr. Pugstyles. I immediately adopted the surname for my family of stuffed pug dogs *Laugh*
My world's sky started falling down. Me drama mama. Me got sick possibly dying relatives. Me got cray-cray on toppa that. Me sicka life. Pbbbhhht! Me not give a hoot bout grammar or phonetics right now! Me wanna club life over head!

(Me blue shirt dude. Life is goat.)
Sometimes one approaches life from the wrong end. I wish you the best...
Simply Me - already doing something like that. Don't worry I'm not releasing the kraken or terrorize the village or anything malevolent I just have a lot of crap going on in my life.
I'm so stupid. This is my entry in "Wonderful World .

"PTSD: Not Just for Soldiers Anymore is written for the prompt "World PTSD awareness day." It's kind of dumb to write something that sounds like a cohort study about one's self. Then everybody knows your lame secrets.
Scarypotato is broken - Because I am alone and homeless - living in a pub is still homelessness - I sleep with the TV on, and not quiet either. It's the only way to stop the nightmares and stop the thoughts.
s - ugh sorry. Didn't meant to hit the laugh button there. Thats rough having to put up with being homeless and nightmares
Scarypotato is broken - That's pretty much how I felt about my situation when I wrote my memoir. Even though I can still get triggered and get flashbacks, it seemed trivial compared to what others have been through. As others have said to me, you can't and shouldn't compare.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Saul Corn  (18+)
A Trabble about the gunslinger "Reverend" Saul Corn.

It took me a while. Hope this is worth reading. Word count (not including titles)=300
Just got an Awardicon and a merit badge!

Merit Badge in Short Stories
[Click For More Info]

For placing second in the  [Link To Item #2295489]

Very thrilled about both.*BigSmile*
I know that nobody cares but it really sucks when you try sooooo very hard to keep a house livable. Cook and help with yardwork etc. get no pay and very little thanks. Oh and the house is constantly cluttered and then because some man works on some project that you can't do because nobody wants to or has taught you how to use power tools because you're a woman! he gets all the praise and called "the hardest worker ever!"

Dammit! I try my best. It's not like I'm trying to be a slob. It's not my fault my father in law keeps bringing home impulse buys and excess just because neither of us can find what he already has because it's been crammed into the far corner of some forgotten box by some strong yet short sighted man! Oh and who won't let me throw out the old food clogging up our cupboard yet insists on buying more? A man!

What do I get for trying to maintain things the best my fat, unhealthy body can?! Criticism and being told I'm not good enough by my own family!

Sorry to go nuclear but I really really needed to vent! It's been eating away at me. Oh and there probably are some good men. It's just the one I live with fails to see or even acknowledge that I'm trying and just praises the man who can use power tools to build some garden bed we don't need. And no I can't talk to him. Every time I try to bring up something I think is a problem, he sarcastically tells me to "write about it in your blog!" Or "do us all a favor and stop using social media!" Or "if it worries you, just ask your doctor to cut it off!" It really sucks worse because he's allowed to complain about whatever he wants but I can't say a damn thing to him! Gah! Sorry I'm done being an ass. I'll go try calming my bitchy butt down.
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Finally got some time to breathe. A little better but still feel like that guy who came to the bar "to drink beer and kick ass...and I'm all outa beer."

Maybe I should let off some stress by writing that Saul Corn guy out of the noose he's standing in. Dark I know.*Devilish*
If this works, it should have a video about pirates..y'know for inspiration.

This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing. Something new to entertain and educate me.
SandraLynn Team Florent! - you are very welcome!
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