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Creative writers have more rules than accountants. But broken writing rules don't hurt anyone.
Which common writing rule rubs you the wrong way? Have you or will you break it?
I guess I've gotten used to them, but I will always ignore the "no adverbs" rule.
I tend to break most of the rules when it comes to Point of View......

         The adverb rule irks me. Big time. If the word is in the English language, from time to time, I may, or may not, use it.
Flashback Friday

Tell us about something
from your past...

Once I bounced on a pogo stick clear around the block without falling. I believe I was ten years old at the time. Oh, to be in that good of shape again. *GoLucky*
Today I was watching a TV series that did an episode on a Rave. It made me remember the one time I went to a Vampire Rave. It was quite bizarre and I never went back.
s - I remember that series. Didn't last very long but it was preetty good.

Yahoo! We made it... it's FRIDAY!

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more writing ,editing and step work same old same old different day
Three Word Thursday

In just three words, give us your best caption for this picture...

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A pulchritudinous spectacle.
Rainbow rippling waters
Sunrise, sunset, peace.
Could weather spells affect more than the local where they are cast?
Have you ever used a weather spell in one of your stories?
Many times. Weather can be a useful tool for adding drama and texture to a short story.

I have in real life but not in a story. Hanging snowflakes in the west part of the house during the winter will bring snow. The last time we did that we had a blizzard. That was in early 2016! We do others for clear skies and rain. No, we do not do a rain dance!
I wrote one about a weather dragon, does that count?
Fantasy doesn't have to conform to reality. But it helps to know reality before messing with it.
What do you know about solar eclipses?
I know they should only be scheduled on days that are clear and never at night.
Moon blocks sun for a little bit, sun gets made and pushes moon out of the way. Moon laughs, and keeps on trying. The idea being, never give up! *Smile*
The moon goddess of the night sometimes gets in the way of the God of light.
Three Word Thursday

What three words best describe lost keys?

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"Where'd they go?!"
Complete, total disruption

My misplaced commencers.
Monkey Around Monday

Name this monkey!

Funky Monkey!
A monk-banana-eating rascal...
Writing horror can be daunting. To create something that puts fear in another? Even more so!
What is it about this genre that makes people back off when it comes to writing?
I don't know, maybe it spooks them.
I'm afraid some real-life lunatic might get inspired by it.
When there is horror in the heart, there also is a total eclipse of love.
Two Word Tuesday

Give us two words that best describe blooming daffodils...

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brightly colored...
Springs here
yellowed heart
Wordy Wednesday

Tell us one of your favorite words...

coincidence....just another word for karma in my book
Peaceful is one word that gives me a feeling of a heartful of goodness and mercy.

"Dear Boss, I keep on hearing the police have caught me but they wont fix me just yet." ~ Jack the Ripper
Do you think there's enough originality in the world of storytelling?
Humanity evolves (physically, emotionally, cognitively). Technology evolves (slowly, in general, but there are sudden bursts when new technology becomes available to combine with existing technology). Life on this planet, and possibly several other bodies in our solar system evolves. And our planet evolves, physically and climatologically.
Sooner or later, we'll be exploring Proxima Centauri, and learning new information.
One of the things about Hss is the ability to seek a better future, identify how to get there, and start working towards it. This includes writers.
As long as plagiarism is avoided, the question sparking my answer is moot.
Of course there is. Each storyteller brings their own individuality to the tale and that can't be duplicated no matter how hard you try.
Complete and truthful thinking must be the focus of writing stories.

Observations During an Eclipse
Did you see it? Write about it?
As I felt the warmth of the rays
I prepared myself for the end of days
In 10,000 BC, that's how I would feel
Because back in those days the gods were real
We'd scream and quiver with fright
We knew the gods would crush us with their might
As I woke with terror and a bit confused
My friends stared at me with amuse!
I wrote a poem, during the eclipse in journalistic fashion. "The Eclipse I saw the total eclipse in 2017 in North Georgia (five minutes in and out for the whole process,) but this time it was a 70% eclipse with the whole process, being closer to 50 minutes. I didn't look at the sun, but I observed all the different nuances of light, during the apex for us. It was still quite sunny here, but the light made the colors of grass, trees, and flowers look more like darker shades of pastel.

The difference in the textures of light and life made the newer experience worth it.
It would be just right if we do have a complete and total passing of verbal communications between people and the arts...
Two Word Tuesday

Give us your best two word caption for this photo...

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Very retrospect!
High buildings
How to deal with life's unexpectedness
Can you prepare for the unexpected?
Unexpected, good or bad, may happen in our lives at any moment. If it is bad, don't get nervous. Keep your calmness. Remember, there must be a way to overcome. Merely a cool-headed person can discover it through his/her intelligence. Other suffer.
Me, personally? No.
I for one, am not able to prepare for the "unexpected"; however, I believe I am able to think about it and maybe the "unexpected" may and probably will give me a chance to understand it and thereby do something about it.
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