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October 26 1954
Plymouth, UK
About Me
I have been writing since my school days but have only moved into novels in the last few years. Marriage and kids took up a lot of my time but now divorced with the kids grown and away I am determined to make it as a writer. I have several novels on the go at various stages of completion. I write in a variety of genres but I do find fantasy and sci-fi particularly hard. Guess I'm stuck in the real world. The drawing, my own work,is Casper - the friendly ghost,haunting me nine years now.
Type of Writer
I'll have a go at anything - see contest entries.
Writing Style
Short and to the point.
Writing, painting, grandchild. Writing is becoming the main priority.
Group Memberships
The Talent Pond Disabled Writers Group
Favorite Genres
Action, drama.
Favorite Books
I'll read anything.
Favorite Authors
Lee Child, Tess Geritsen, Karen Slaughter.
Favorite Poets
Dylan Thomas
Favorite Quote
It was the best of times ...
Favorite Music
It's the song not the singer.
Favorite Movies
Anything with Stephen Seagal, Patrick Stewart, Johnny Depp.
Favorite Shows
Soaps, dramas, medical, cops.
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