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Written for Stormy's March Poetry Contest.
She has the house all tidied.
She just put more wood on the fire.
She looks outside at the willow tree.
It has been growing well all these years.

The snow is beautiful.
She loves how it looks-
Like a white winter Wonderland.
A bunny and deer are walking near by.

He phoned that he will be there-
as soon as his plane lands.
She waits patiently.
A wolf howls near by.

The woman has no fear.
Wolves have never bothered before.
She looks out the window
but sees no wolf in sight.

She hears a car outside.
He is here!
Her heart beats rapidly!
He opens the door.

The couple kiss.
The man has to wonder-
why she loves him when
He is always away.

The man and woman have dinner.
They make a toast to the future.
Next weekend, they are flying to Hawaii.
It is their fourth Wedding Anniversary.

He won't be the pilot on the flight.
He will spend every moment by her side.
Their love will last forever.
Who knows? They may have an adventure in Hawaii.

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