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Both Clark and ol’ George Wallace led a gruesome reign of terror –
The Battle… Not the War

Our country’s shamed by prejudice. 
Some law-enforcing men
dare to abuse our nation’s laws
formed for the citizen.
One comes to mind, top of the list
in ignorance and hate –
Jim Clark, a once high sheriff
in a prejudicial state.

Both he and ol’ George Wallace led
a gruesome reign of terror –
No Black was safe - to speak of rights
was deemed a dreadful error.
Clark beat and maimed or killed all those
who tried to speak their mind.
On camera, his mad nature reared
its head for all Mankind…

He turned his hate on Vivian –
a man who came to speak
to state his case for voting rights
for all – Clark blew his peak.
The film kept rolling as he beat
with glee while all could see -
Unspoken horrors - deep down South.
Sick acts of tyranny.

Clark formed and rode in posses
as he terrorized all Blacks.
At any given place he’d show - 
with nasty, brute attacks.
As sheriff he assumed all rights
to carry out his will –
And yet again, the cameras
captured violence with a chill...

He wore a helmet, (just like
Patton’s), swagger stick in hand –
Upon his horse he cursed and spat
while flaunting his command.
With clubs they beat their victims
using harsh, relentless blows.
Insanity was captured!
Our shocked country watched their woes.

Repulsed by what was going on
America cried out.
A bill was signed in ’66!
New laws began to sprout.
We've won the battle – not the war
on prejudice and hate.
It’s up to us to heal old wounds…
Injustice – terminate.

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