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The reality of dreams (Form: English Sonnet)

Lovers by Josephine Wall

Her footsteps echo in my lambent dreams
exciting me with promises unkept.
My mind and heart were torn between extremes
as onward night, in ebon slippers, crept.

Though tenuous, I could not bring an end
to passion's fantasy of love and lust,
nor would my heart continue to depend
on gift's of Morpheus that held no trust.

As sunlight broke the fasting of the night,
in twilight, twixt dream and reality,
I found that special moment of delight
as lips caressed in sensuality.

Awake, I find her taste, her touch, remain
to tempt me back into her realm again.

An entry for December 9 of "A Poem A Day Contest [E]
No Prompt.
Form: English Sonnet
The English or Shakespearean sonnet has three quatrains and a couplet for a total of 14 lines. The rhyme is abab cdcd efef gg. This form is written in iambic pentameter.
Line count: 14

lambent ~ softly bright or radiant
Morpheus ~ Mythology: The God of Dreams

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