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Recycled WDC blog from 2015 and parts of life in between attempts at writing again!
When I first came to WDC in 2004,the Internet was a baby,and so was I as far as understanding what being a writer was and the process it took to take the hard copy of words handwritten and bring it to others for input! Though over the past 11 years,our world and the internet has changed. My life has also,where I had hours to spend on The craft,though sometimes blindly despite reading many books about other writers view point and experiences.(and many other subjects like Kabbalah,Psychology,Medicine,Nursing, HTML ETC) I also after 40 years of stability with my family,become homeless because of the economy and factors that was truly "out of our hands" for 3 years on and off. fast forward to the present,my Sister and I are raising 2 grandkids,one under the Autism Spectrum. The time I thought I could write,was given freely to teach and support with love both of them. I learned so much from The story Master and Mistress and so many others here who shared their time to help me write better and were so supportive. It was a pleasure to give back to others as well! At this point in time it would be better for me to downgrade and save my book and blog projects here. In time I hope to share in this community again. For now I thank all who have helped me along the way. On to copy & paste and share! Maybe I can comment and fill in the blanks of all that was happening at the time...

First entry Jan 2nd 2015

A Shiny New Start to 2015! Writing why and wherefore.

I'm thankful for so many (living and Passed on) Who led me to this path of words. It has been many up's and downs to stay on the path and learn and share and learn and share with and from others. It means so much to me to be free to say what I want in a country that allows freedom of speech. Many down the road of history have worked hard and fought hard to allow this. Some even giving their life... So okay today is Jan 2nd 2015. I saw this in my WDC inbox

I decided to try and really stick to my writing guns so to speak! I hope others will put a foundation under their dreams as others have put it! I started already by creating a book item place for my Novel The VortexX. Have to also study for an online class (Free!) am taking. Q & A next lesson,so want to be prepared!! Happy 2015 & Beyond!!*Delight*
To be continued...


Trying to stay organized in an unorganized world!


*FacePalm* The day started at 7 Am for me,(late as it starts around 5 Am!) Some nights get broken sleep-my Sister also (we are raising her Grand-kids--though they are just as much mine!) That said since then have moved the family room around so she has space to do Art,I can do Writing. Yeah Buddy! Hopefully that will happen--so much happens in a day. Cooking and cleaning the whole 9 yards if you know what I mean. If not too hard to explain!
Over the past 10 years,since I came to writing.com Grand-kids were born,some grew from babes to teens. We moved from Georgia to South Carolina(Total of 17 years.) Moved to New Orleans (where Sis and I planned to stay for ever--or till we croaked,whichever came first...) Wrong the Good Lord-Creator-whatever you call the "Living and Existing King and Queen" Great Spirit---etc As Joyce Meyers said in her video "We make plans and God laughs!"
So that is not what happened instead 2 months later...We moved back to Oregon in 2012. Someday I hope to expound on all that,for now suffice to say A LOT happened! Good and not so good,yet I believe " Everything happens for a reason". Maybe we learn a lesson we needed to or someone else did (or didn't) In the end It's not the mistakes we made its what we learned from it all. I lost much of my years of writing,books that filled cartons--I grabbed what I could and held onto them,trying to keep the best. Even when I needed to take pages out and leave the covers. Never expecting that after having a stable home for 30 years,things would change like that in the economy and things like that.

Sometimes we can only process so much at a time,let alone writing about it. I shared what I could on a one to one basis,talking all my life to different people from the time I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn N.Y.. I learned by listening and when I got to be a teen thought I knew "everything" Because I was smart in the brain,yet Not life wise! I came to find out experience comes a bit at a time!

I would lay in my bed and "know" someday I would write a book about my life. Though at 7 years of age that seemed like an easy thing!
Over the next decades slowly I learned what that would mean... People would always tell me "You MUST write a book about your life!" After telling them bits and pieces I thought might help them with whatever it was they were going through.
I dropped out of high-school in 10th grade( Black kids were starting fights with me for no reason) I didn't understand why they hated me "for nothing". Later I studied History on my own and understood why so many hated others for "No reason" There were many reasons people hated others sadly...
I got my G.E.D at 32 (My daughters were in elementary school then!) After going back to collage here in Oregon. I started with Mass Media,and enjoyed it yet my heart missed Preforming. I took a job taking care of an Alzheimer patient in her home who once was a Pianist. That started me on a Nursing career! Life had other plans,I received my C.N.A. certificate but never made it to be a Pediatric Oncology R.N. I had one absence too many. Besides my own heath issues,my daughter was sick one day,and I wanted to take care of her. I lost my funding because I could not afford to pay to retake 2 classes.
That was 30 years ago,yet I learned from My English Teacher Lance Sparks(found him on Facebook!) And kept reading how I could be a Real writer. Fast forward Y'all!After sending out my Poems and Inspirational offerings,I was rejected yet they encouraged me to try again. I did get paid for an article in a local Collage Newspaper. The Internet was a new thing in 1994,soon by 2004 I was able to teach myself copy and paste! later H.T.M.L ,yet I still didn't have a "writing place" I started to Google Writing help and the first Site I saw was Writing.com!
I went on and Liked the feel of the place-yet I was so intimidated! People had all kinds of things they wrote: Poems,Stories,Novels and so much more! I went to comment on something and found out that I needed to be a member to do that!

In "Those" days most people just used a made-up name! So I didn't really give much thought to it,though it said to! By the time I got used to the site I did get help from many! Other times I just tried to figure it out--not being sure what I needed! By then I was no longer a " Newbie!" I remember one Lady who helped me post something,saying "By the time she figured things out--she had missed the whole Newbie thing too! That helped me feel better!
I have gone to other writing sites over the years,most are gone! No matter what was going on in my life sooner or later I would always come back to WDC, it was my home! From time to time someone would find my Port,and I always thanked them for taking the time to comment. I entered a few contest's here,never winning. I felt sometimes like Good ole Charley Brown as Lucy pulled the football away once again! One day I joined The Dark Society. They liked creepy Twilight Zone type of things! I won 3rd place for one of my first stories The wooden pen.( I wrote it for another site that I took a writing class in.) It needed to be improved and with the groups feedback it got close to being much better!
Last year has been the start of getting my ideas off paper,and out of my brain to where folks can see it again! I have faith that though I have tried so many times to make writing my priority then life got more important. Writing IS my life and I need to live it out and share it or I might croak without my Music being played!
I want to share links and good writing stuff that I have saved over the years in emails! I have so many good resources to help others on the writing level! Until we meet again thanks for dropping by and spending a moment on The Sea of words!
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Happy Monday new post

Will write more later enjoy!

(Something came up...)

Lost in Free~Fall ( A work in progress...)

Jan 16th

Hi just a short note--super tired tonight. Another busy week. So my writing goal was to finish first chapter. I did make some progress,but not done. Still with all going on,I should be glad did edit and add a few words over the week. I'm so behind in getting back to folks & thanking them for giving nice feedback here,on Facebook,Twitter & Google. Am so thankful so many are part of my world, The writing is getting there,(As Steven King wrote "writing is done a word at a time") Man was he right! Have a great weekend

Just a short Hello!
Jan 23rd

There was a time I "knew inside" (Don't ask me how) That I would be so busy with helping to birth a happy new world with my writing. Busy in helping those close in my life and others far away. We did a Tarot reading reading years ago,in part that said "you will teach generations to come!" Wow that sounded like a tall order! Yet how much influence do each of us have on others in our lives? From the people we live with to folks we work with or just see on the street. Perhaps waiting for a bus,or standing in line at a grocery store. I will go into more of that at a later time,as it is I need to work on the first chapter of my VortexX. I'm hoping to have it done today,or near close! It's more practical for me to share with Y'all this way,I do my best with Twitter/Facebook etc. After finishing my Bundle of reeds online free class this week and starting Kabbalah fundamentals this week and taking care of Kids,house the backyard we love and enjoying the critters from the Big blue Jays to the amusing squirrels who like to hang off the bird-feeders! The weather has been very cold and hard on my bones,still life goes on. I'm hoping soon can call my good friends/family and finally catch up! oxox Till next time Be well & happy! oxoxoxox

Feeling cold crappy-still the show must go on! I was tagged!

Jan 31th 2015

Hello Y'all,This past week has been beyond the Twilight Zone. A cold that won't leave,missed 2 Kabbalah classes. Trying to post my progress and finish the chapter been working on and off since 2011. Taking care of special needs kids 4 and 10. Most days it's like one wave knocks you down,try to catch your breath,and float,then another comes. This week My New Ibanez Guitar came. yesterday,still have not started playing. So am going to try and work on that chapter. I feel like taking a nap---! Hope to make it back here and on my other blogs soon. bye for now! Got to speak to one of my sisters this week. We lost touch,was such a blessing to speak to her again. Am trying hard to get back to others in my life. Be well---!!!!

Thanks for the Welcome!




Short but sweet!

Feb 5th

I will post more in the weeks to come! I have to juggle my time between helping to raise Grand-kids and things that are most important. in order for me to be productive in my writing,I have to decide what is important and what can be let go of for now.



Wow been awhile since I did any writing...

April 14th

Hi much to write about yet time was filled with other things. planting Flowers and working,caring for others. I have to get back on the horse again! Start to slowly get back to my writing "Mo Jo". Getting over a sinus infection--yuk! Weather has been changing all over the world. So many changes... Am glad WDC is still here and is a comfort to me and others. Bye for now ----- counseling soon--is helping!


From the brain to the paper!

June 20th 2015


Wow it's been 2 months since I wrote here and anywhere. Sometimes we are so busy living that it takes time to assimilate things let alone put them to paper or font...
Just getting over a super bad creeping crud virus with my family as well. Graduations,a Birthday for one of my Grandkids. Respite care for special needs kids take a lot of energy. Just because most folks don't think I'm 60----("Oh you don't look it at all they say"!) Some days I feel like 160! At least I'm still above ground!)
The world has changed so much,just in this year alone with the climate changes alone. Cops helping other ones hurting and killing. So much hate in this world--yet so many still stay good folks looking for goodness and sharing of themselves with others. There are so many topics I think of writing about,as well as my own projects which are in "writers limbo" for now. I believe in many things including G-ds timetable. When it's meant for me to write,it will happen! For now I send my thanks and love to so many in my life. I saw a plaque that said "Friends are like stars. Just because you can't see them it don't mean they aren't there!" So I will repost this so Y'all know I'm still alive & kickin!! oxoxox Those who have been waiting for emails/pm---I'm getting there!!! Be well and happy!+++++++++++++++++++++


Well---Short but sweet!

(Wrote this today on one of my Fb's)
Well... sure is a deep subject! Some of Y'all know this is the first facebook page I ever made,back in 2007. At that time Myspace was cool and for some of us like a "neighborhood!" People could make their page anything they wanted and would have to go to it to paste what we now post by sharing to everyone (public or private--friends only.) I had 50 or more folks viewing my then blog a day! Most didn't post anything like folks do now!
So my now personal-personal life,is lots of hard work and caring for young ones with special needs. I need to keep my job private at this time... As for me --have been studying a lot of kabbalah and Rebbe's of the past. Learning and passing on lessons of unity and kindness. In time I hope to get to all the many writing projects which have been sitting in notebooks--needing to be edited and finished. A lot of folks are adding me on Google etc. I still have been too busy to get back to folks I know,let alone others.those I don't yet!!! Sending love & good vibes to all----more to come & will repost on twitter etc,so my peeps are up to date!!! LOL OXOX 218143218143


July 4th 15 views

Sharing the good Dharma,Karma for HH Dalai Lama 80th BD!

Dear Friends of Golden Light,

May our reading of the Sublime Sutra of Golden Light this July
be deeply harmonious with the aspirations of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, on his 80th birthday, including what he describes as his favorite prayer:

With the wish to free all beings
I will always go for refuge
to Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha
until I reach full enlightenment.

Enthused by compassion ad wisdom,
today in Buddha's presence,
I generate the mind of enlightenment
for the sake of all sentient beings.

For as long as space endures,
and as long as sentient beings remain,
until then, may I remain,
to dispel the suffering of this world.

Our How to Help spotlight this month shines on www.dalailamatrust.org, an organization founded by His Holiness. Please read about it at http://www.dalailama.com/office/the-dalai-lama-trust.

Or, in honoring His Holiness's never-ending work to help others, make a donation to any group which you know works to relieve suffering in any way.


July 4th 12 views

Happy 4th of July a toast to freedom!

I salute our armed forces,as they make it possible to be able to write and do other things others may not be able to. Our country has issues,and are sadly divided on a lot. Yet many are standing up for human and animal rights,and to care for each other and try to heal the past mistakes,the planet too. Everyone makes mistakes--yet it's what we do AFTER that matters.Do we take it to heart when we hurt another? Do we learn and want to do better? Do we not learn and say "don't confuse me with the facts..." It's a matter of heart and choice as to what we do onto others as well as ourselves.
We may change our mind a bunch of times,still if our path leads us to be a better person and help others as we are able to do,then that's what really matters in my book at least! others also feel this way.
Some sadly hold onto the ego tightly,and judge others as not being okay. We hear a lot of both good and evil in the world. I try not to be apathetic yet also try not to feel overwhelmed when others choose the wrong road. We all can make a difference when we choose to be kind and have respect for others.
Be well & happy!


July 4th Pm 15 views

Trying to get back in the saddle--the writing Horse!!

Wow it's getting closer to fall,and I'm hoping to start working on my editing to get some more writing done and shared! Been looking at past projects tons of paper to go through. Notebooks that have been dragged around the country over the years! They say G-d laughs at our plans,as we make them. How many times have I as well as others who have shared their parts of life with me.
I'm like a squirrel hording nuts for winter! As things go right now,I'm just doing the " Behind the scenes stuff,as They taught me in C.N.A class years ago,"The daily activities of life!".

Sometimes I ponder how John Lennon spent five years out of the limelight,and just enjoying being a house husband. As so many are unsung heroes,behind the scenes,the working class heroes who are Cashiers for example... (I did that at K-mart and Walmart Garden centers,also at a store called Cofers in Athens,Ga. Another home and garden center. I remember my boss Hal Cofer,he hired me right away,in the good old days when you could just take a chance and walk into a store and be hired on the power of your own personality. He was a kind man and I learned how to do the cash register before all the digital things came to pass. Some day will expound on that. I met so many nice folks over the years,some were bastards,but as they say "It takes all kinds to make a world" "There are good and bad in every race"

So it's always up to us as to how we react to those around us. Life is a series of test's to bring us to a higher reality,beyond our own egos which is selfish. The point of playing the Chess game of life is to deal out what we would want for ourself.
Hillel a great teacher and healer said in the 3rd century "What you don't like don't do to others" Seems simple to me what he meant though it took many years of hard knocks to still stay and want to walk the right path.

Jesus later said it quite well " Do unto others as you would want it done to you."

Though the sources are different the message is the same...
So this is the kind of stuff I ponder,as I wash a cup,or tend to the garden.

Welcome to our long journey!!

July 7th 7 views

Letting the muse speak!

It has been a long long time since I "Let the Muse speak" To me meaning just going with the flow and not spending too much time worrying about how it will come out!
So I kept this small notebook since 2001,(and a few other note-journal books survived out of the hundreds I have kept over a lifetime...)Some are sort of seeds for self-help books/articles-etc I wanted to share with others in print. So many times these "odds and end nuggets of time and collection",have encouraged me in very dark times in my life. Sharing a lot with others in the spoken tongue. Sort of the Oral Tradition as in most cultures. I thought since my life now is busy working to help those in need,as well as my Respite Provider job,helping special needs kids have a good chance for a normal life. I am bound to keep their privacy so my life is off-limits to the public. My friends/family are on a one to one basis with me.

So I will create a healing book and pass it on to those who need it to learn new skills to deal with all kinds of malady's. It is my hope and prayer that some will find some worth in what this is! I will add the link once I get it started--today!!!!


July 19th 6 views

Crazy weather we're having and some drops of words!

218143218143Hi Y'all! I have a migraine,had to cancel my Dentist appointment. Still got a lot done and need to just sit and let some of the writing I do anymore,which is mostly notes to myself,written on scraps of paper,or in pocket notebooks,or journals I started- not to be finished,or used for something else!
So many ideas floating in my head,not even hitting the paper. My life is busy working with Kids with Special needs,and other endeavors which takes up most of my time. I'm happy and content and working towards refocusing on my creative self. (Interruption)

Later where was I? Oh yeah,so Making plans for Sept to be my "get back to writing.com!" Baby steps----

August 19th 2 views


Good morning y'all! My last post was short
218143218143 and I wanted to write more. School will be starting soon in more ways then one. Youngsters and then less demands on my time, so can continue to work and have more time to devote to my Kabbalah studies, writing and being more social!

Aug 22 2 views

No rain since may,worse air on west coast.

Hope y'all are okay. We here in Eugene,


August 23rd 3 views

Wow 2015 almost over so much has happened in this year...

December 4th 2015 0 views.

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