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The loss of my loving mother to her body's death is both painful and reassuring.
Remember life and hope and joy!
Remember days of old.
Remember smile of growing boy.
Remember love he told.

I'll see you in the Morning, Mom,
when Earthly Day's at end.
We'll know the Savior's healing balm,
our loss He then will mend.

Remember times we played all day.
Remember laughter, too.
Remember son, who'd love to say,
"I'm glad my Mom is you!"

I'll see you in the Morn at last,
when minor song's resolved
For Picardy in final cast
makes sadness be dissolved.

Remember Christmas we enjoyed!
Remember vinyls great.
Remember cooking we employed
and ev'ry empty plate.

I'll see you in the Morn quite soon,
as children love to play.
We'll sing awhile and love each tune
and there forever stay.

Remember friends and family.
Remember where we live.
Remember for your memory
now has much strength to give.

I'll see you in the Morning, Love.
What Wonders we'll explore!
The Day of Grace and Life Above
goes on forevermore.

Remember Saving Grace of God!
Remember why there's Hope.
Remember Vict'ry we applaud.
Our efforts aren't the soap.

I'll see you in the Morn of Day
as solid objects shine.
No shadows cast for on display
The Light does fall in line.

Remember how you taught me truth.
Remember songs we'd say.
Remember that I'd bring in youth
the little flow'rs bouquet.

I'll see you in the Morning, Mom,
when days of strife are o'er.
We'll rest in Joy and play in calm
for Jesus is The Door.

Line Count: 48

by Jay O'Toole
on February 27, 2017

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