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Balance is the key to finding harmony.
Balance is the key to finding harmony.

Be it diet, exercise, love, sadness, anger or jealousy; whether our emotions are positive or negative, too much of any one thing will negate the benefit of the experience. We can benefit from both positive and negative emotions, but without balance, in time, we interpret these feelings as normal and can't hear what our emotions are trying to tell us.

When we bring balance to our life, it provides relief from negativity, but keep in mind it's important to occasionally deal with negative feelings.

Without sadness, joy becomes generic and without hate, there would be no love. Imagine a wheel where both emotions are on the spectrum right next to each other, and to get from one to the other you can go the long way around, which is the usual route when falling in love, or you can make the quick transition from having someone you adore to never wanting to see them again, which is common when falling out of love.

Where there is passion, there will be conflict. All manner of existence looking to balance, which in turn, makes everything more alike.

When we meet someone new, we may have common interests or similarities, but we are very different people. Then, if love grows, we subconsciously change to become more like them. The things we admire about them we adapt to our own personalities. Sayings and tastes in food or music, can and do change, becoming more aligned in both people. It's a process of melding two into one, balancing who we were, to this new 'us'.

Without balance, our planet would spin off into the cosmos, and we would cease to exist. Everywhere in nature, you will see harmony, where all things come together to create one world. If you can achieve balance, then will come harmony, and with hope, contentment will soon follow.
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