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Another take on the pokeballs for people idea plus the vitamins from the games.
A big thanks to my buds here who helped me with this. A while ago this month I thought of the times I wrote about the pokemon stuff I've done in the past where girls were caught with pokeballs. And then the vitamins from the games got dragged into it. I plan on using this for my already lewd interactives and future stories.

The Machine
The machine that makes them, in the pokemon stories, it'll look like a suitcase with some machinery on the inside to convert the pokeballs into enslaver balls and the vitamins into their human versions. It is collapsible and can fit inside a bag. Outside of it it'll look this ammo dispenser https://sta.sh/0u67bhln16k but with a crank on the side that runs on the energy of the user to determine the number of balls, which ones, and the same goes with the vitamins. Some would be rarer like the swap ball and master ball of course.

The Enslaver Balls
1: that little white dot on all the balls have an E on them for "enslaver"
2: They all have an option to not enslave girls in case the mc is trying to save them or catch them for later. For the enslaving option the user has to click on the button twice. Not for the balls themselves with some originals.
3: After a week of capturing a girl the user can release a girl from their ball as the effects will be permanent and allow them to use the ball again.

I think I have a good idea on the energy to ball thing could be for some characters.

Syrus from gx/Leo from 5ds: On average could get 5-10 balls, with 15 being their max before they need to take a nap to recover. If they started working out and became shota studs they could get more.

As for the catch and submission rates for the balls based on the actual pokeballs use their catch rates and modifiers too.
Normal: Just like regular pokeballs. While it does make girls a little more submissive to their captor you'd still have to break or woo them.

Great: It's catch and submission rate are just like the actual pokemon great ball.

Ultra: Has a submission and catch rate like the pokemon ultra ball, and girls caught with it do become very submissive to their new master

Master ball: Do I need to say it? Instant catch and the girl becomes totally devoted and submissive to her new master.

Safari ball: It works better on monstergirls and more wild girls.

Heavy ball: works better on thicc /chubby/bbw or maybe girls with more muscle on them than danity girly girls for example.

Love ball: Will make a girl your love slave even without the enslaving option

Timer ball: Works better on older girls/women

Dusk ball: Works better at night and on dark themed girls like goths

Friend ball: Works better on female friends.

Moon ball: Works better on girls on a full moon and alien girls.

Nest ball: Works better on girls younger than you like lolis

Lure/Net/Dive balls: They're better suited for aquatic monstergirls while the net ball also works on insect like monstergirls.

Repeat ball: These enslaver balls have a 3.5 catch and submission rate on women if you already caught someone in her family. Perfect for catching an entire family of babes.

Quick ball: Just like normal quick balls

Luxury ball: Doubles the submission rate and gives the captured girl a fancy harem slave version of her outfit

Time for some homemade stuff(thanks for Pokemaster for all the help).

Hucow/Miltank ball(for the pokemon stories): Girls caught by these will become hucows. Their tits and butts will grow two times their current size, their hips will widen, their thighs thicken, their fertility will increase substantially, and they can lactate without being pregnant. Has a cowprint color. Has a catch and submission rate of 1.7. If the girl is already a hucow or a cowgirl it's 3.5 and the buffs will be minor.

MILF ball: Works great on women who have given birth. Has a catch and submission rate of 1.5 which increase the more children she has.

Age ball: An enslaver ball for aging up girls under 15, in case lolis aren't your thing. Even the non-enslaving option will age them up.

Masoball: A ball that turns girls into submissive masochists for their master. Has a higher catch and submission rate on dominant and strong women. For example, if you caught Olivier Armstrong from FMA with one, started manhandling/groping her while saying she only exists and is good at proving you with milk and children her nether regions would be wet like a waterfall.te here.

Love Reversal Balls: This one even with the non-enslaving option swaps the love a girl has for someone to the user. It's capture and submission rate are 1.5, and it works extremely well on girls who have unrequited relationships: like Pyrrha from RWBY, Tea, Alexis, and Akiza from yugioh, girls trapped in utterly toxic/abusive relationships, and girls who can't move on from a deceased lover(great for widows).

Swap ball: A rare enslaver ball that can catch men and swap them for r63 versions of themselves from other worlds.

R63 ball: A normal version where you can turn guys into girl versions. You can also use it on yourself, and come out of it in fifteen minutes. If any guy touches it in the meantime you're his now.

Clone ball- creates a clone of the captured woman with their personality and skills but no memories. Once a person is captured, they are released with no memory of being caught as clone is made. Cloning takes longer for older women, max one day. Say Ash captured Caroline as he wanted a mother/daughter titfuck with May. So he captures her and soon a clone of her is made as Norman still has his wife.

Maid balls- person captured inside is changed into a maid that will serve the Master’s every whim while wearing a skimpy maids uniform. 1.3 catch rate and 2.5 submission rate.

Personality balls- person captured inside gets a random personality. Hinata gets caught and may wind up like her Road to Ninja self or worst. Catch and submission rates are random.

Shibari balls- balls designed for evil women, the person is bound tightly with rope and a ring gag. Person must be disciplined daily or will try to resist training. The catch and sub rate are randomized.

Bunny balls- person captured is dressed as a playboy bunny which they find normal. Can be regular bunny suit or reverse bunny suit with a flick of a switch. 1.1 catch rate and 2.2 sub rate.

Bimbo ball: Exactly what it says and turns its target into a bimbo slave if the enslavement option is used and gives them the hucow buffs minus the increased fertility and lactation most of the time. Catching a girl just for catching will give her the bimbo body but not the brain. If you want the bimbo to get her brain back you'll have to click on the ball's button twice and you get her back to normal and she's still a slave. 1.5 catch rate and 3.5 submission rate.

Cumdump ball: Turns the captured girl into a mindless cumpdump with all the hucow effects. Much like the bimbo ball you have to click twice when releasing and both of these balls can r63 guys too. So with 2 of these the mc in the gx timeline could turn not only Alexis but Jaden into fertile and mindless cumdumps perfect for raw fugging and breeding. For Jaden's r63 form let's go with him looking like Pokemaster's oc twin Janelle https://www.deviantart.com/zelgadisgw/art/CM-Janelle-Yuki-850072914 but curvier of course. For the targets who resist more during the capturing they will have the mind of a cow, becoming human cattle in the truest sense. 1.5 catch rate and 3.5 submission rate.

Monster ball- using a dial on the front, the user can turn the captured woman into any kind of monster girl he wants. 1.2 catch and submission rate.

Sex doll ball- women captured are encased in a full body latex suit after having their minds wiped becoming living sex dolls. 1.5 catch rate and 3.5 sub rate.

Neko ball- women captured are changed into cat-girls with fur matching their hair. Their personalities will become more cat like. 1.4 catch and sub rates

Puppy ball- same as Neko ball, but as a puppy girl instead while becoming more dog like personality wise. 1.4 catch and sub rates

Race change ball: The target girl's race becomes that of the user's. 1.1 catch and sub rating.

The Vitamins
Normal protein: Encourages male muscle growth and fertility
Variant B: Is the one that turns men and shotas into breeder studs
Variant C: Is the version of B that can cause shotafication

PP Up: increases the time a guy can coom in one day
PP Max: Increases max sperm count

HP Up: Increases cup size by one

Calcium: Improves women's milk production and quality

Iron: more sexual endurance

Carbos: leg strength for faster thrusts

Zinc: make guys less of quickshots
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