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A savage truth about love and self-respect.
Matthias Fiore
You get the best version of your woman when she feels safe around you. If you find that she's hard on you, combative or defensive. This means that she doesn't quite trust you yet and that she doesn't respect you enough to respect and express her feminine side. She'll protect and preserve her beautiful femininity. A man who protects her, who values her, who makes her feel understood and heard - masculinity isn't about being physically strong, it's about creating a space of mental and emotional safety for her to truly flourish. That is the moment when she'll shine the brightest.

Reach a point where you expect nothing from the people around you. Make demands, adjust your time, adjust your efforts, stay true to your word, stay honest, have integrity, and stay consistent. You must comply with requirements and never tolerate disrespect from others
A man who calls you his baby means nothing, a man who says he loves you means nothing and a man who calls you his wife means nothing.
Something true is whether a man shows you love, loyalty, and respect CONSISTENTLY, not only by his words but also by his actions. That means something, actions, and patterns do not lie. The effort is attractive.

Your happiness is not your responsibility, it is theirs alone. You are growing together, and if you bring out the best in each other, she will be more satisfied and happier. You must listen to her, and support her, but still pursue your own goals. Your job is to live a life of purpose and passion, cultivate your happiness, and bring your best to the relationship. A healthy relationship involves two people taking their happiness into their own hands, and when they get together, it's just the cherry on top of what they have created for themselves.
Whenever you go out, tell her exactly where you're going. Text her when she's on her way. You do this because you respect each other, and a relationship works as an open and honest relationship. By doing this, you're saying that you respect her and will remove all doubt, rather than keeping her guessing. You have to prioritize their peace of mind. That's strong, that's trust, that's love.

If you can still smile and look good on your own, you've got it made. If not, find a hobby, find something that drives you independently and alone. Bettering yourself will help you keep your confidence and deal with much tougher realities than you've already experienced.
What do men want from a woman? Broke men want fixers, immature men want mothers, lazy men want enablers, insecure men want puppets, abusive men want objects, but good men want partners, hard workers want supporters, and confident men want equals.

One day someone will sense your vibe, someone will feel your energy and they'll love you. Don't just wait, get up and work. No matter how hard it's, get out of your bed and do what you need to do.

If you're ignored by someone, move on calmly and gracefully. Be with someone who doesn't lack basic relationship skills like communication, empathy, and respect. You've saved yourself a lot of time with someone you'd have invested a lot of time in and who would have only ended up causing you heartache. This hurts your ego, but see that this is a healing path that recognizes your worth and can give you the value you deserve.

What should you look for in a relationship? Trust, loyalty and respect. You can't make someone love you by giving them more of what they already don't value. You're the one who's toxic if you listen to their messages without their permission. It's your fault. If you stay with someone who constantly shows you that they aren't good for you.

You need to learn to be alone and handle your affairs without distractions. Don't talk to anyone about your relationship, not friends or family. If there is a problem in your relationship, tell your partner directly, even if you feel you're in the right.
"If I had a child and that child became just like them, with their morals, values, beliefs, habits, and behaviors, would I be proud of that child?"

If your partner praises you in public, supports you enough and isn't ashamed of it, you should pay attention to some green flags. He has it all figured out and doesn't need you to be happier, you just need to be the cherry on top. They never seek validation or attention outside of the relationship and they never flirt with anyone, even casually. It's easy for them to leave their phone unattended in your possession because they feel comfortable with you. They always text you back right away, and if they're busy, they let you know.

Real love isn't just about dinner and hanging out, it's about what goes on behind the scenes, the difficult conversations, the patience, the compromises, tackling problems head on and tackling them together, acknowledging, not avoiding arguments, finding attraction no matter what time of day, an imperfect person can make your life complete.

Having the courage to not be liked is power, if you let their compliments get into your head then their criticism will probably get into your heart, you teach people how to treat you based on how you talk, tolerate and act, and the more you force a relationship the more it'll break, if you're mentally and emotionally healthy you can bring the best around you, so putting yourself first is the most selfless thing you can do. Stop focusing on the goal and start focusing on becoming the person who can achieve the goal. You're happiest when you're in the process of getting what you want, not when you've achieved it. Screw things you can't control. Find inner peace within yourself.

The more you chase them, the more they'll run away. The more you beg them, the uglier you become, the more you need from them, the more you're used, and the more you tolerate them, the more you're abused. Know who you're, know your worth. Always put yourself first. Learn to say no to the things you don't want to do.

The door is always open, what she does doesn't define your worth. If she feels the need to entertain others, then she can leave. She isn't the one. Maturity. Don't complain that life is unfair, stay calm when things don't go according to plan. Take care of your problems, focus on your life and not on others. No one cares about your happiness more than you care about yourself.

If your absence doesn't mean anything to anyone, distance yourself from them. Your presence probably meant nothing to them anyway.
Never have a child with someone you're unsure about, never beg for someone, and never settle for someone just because you don't want to be single.
If someone makes your life more and more difficult, exhausting and painful and hurts you again and again, that is masochism, leave him.

Pay attention to changing behaviors, be patient and competent. If something bothers you, tell them immediately, and if it still doesn't change, leave them and take them where they belong. People have the illusion that they have an unlimited number of choices, but in reality most of the fish in the sea aren't worth catching
If a person treats you badly or breaks your heart, walk away. Then cut off the version of yourself that allowed them to treat you badly.
Talk about parenting styles, sexual preferences, financial expectations, childhood trauma, mental illness, your beliefs as children, your goals and dreams for your future, and how you'll interact with your family.
Meet your own financial and emotional needs.

Optimistic approach to life.
Value your mental and physical health and take pride in your appearance.
Feel good about being alone and comfortable with yourself
Actively work to heal your wounds
Great sex, lots of laughter, undeniable trust, epic conversations, unwavering loyalty, and fluctuating values. If you find that in another person, keep it.

Matthias Fiore

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