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Striking a bargain. Daily Flash Fiction Challenge entry for 10/29/23.

For the fourth year in a row, Madisyn Grey sat in the principal’s office the day after the senior prank. When her older brother Nate was a senior and Madisyn was a freshman, there were rumors that his off-the-charts brilliant younger sister had helped the senior class with their prank. And, based on the exponentially more complex and creative senior pranks over Madisyn’s tenure at the school, Weeks was inclined to believe the rumors.

I know you did it,” Principal Weeks grumbled.

“But can you prove it?”

Madisyn knew Weeks couldn’t, just like the three years prior. She knew this because her talent wasn’t only in planning and implementing pranks; it was also ensuring her hands were clean. The only way she’d ever be implicated is if one of her classmates squealed.

“As a matter of fact, this year I have a witness,” Weeks said smugly. “And before you go scorched Earth on your fellow seniors ... maybe we can reach some sort of agreement?”

“Such as?” she asked, regarding her principal warily.

“Our junior varsity STEM team is badly in need of some guidance and mentorship. What if we put your talents to good use helping them with their year-end project? In exchange, I’ll forget about the senior pranks. All four years’ worth.”

“Exoneration,” Madisyn considered. “And you write me a stellar letter of recommendation for my summer internship.”

“Deal,” Weeks said, extending his hand.

They shook.

As Madisyn left the principal’s office, she reflected on her gambit to have a friend “rat” on her. It had been a risk, sure. But considering she was walking away completely exonerated from four years’ worth of class pranks with a principal’s recommendation in hand ... helping the junior varsity STEM team she had already agreed to help was a small price to pay.


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Written For: "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge

Prompt: Write a story that includes the line: “I know you did it.”
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