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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fanfiction · #2311179
Mole observes some inconvenient truths about the House of Hufflepuff. Intro. Chapter One.
Chapter One

The Mole

Ron was happy to be a Hufflepuff. His flaming mop mismatched Hermione's carpet. Unfortunate that. Gryffindors were always a bit of a clash. He was totally out-matched but besotted.

As a mole I was often overlooked; but, I noticed these things.

I became the Resident Mole when Old Meagre lost a fight with Master Mandrake. Lesson learned: carefully pick your fights or, better yet, don't fight at all. I was considered a wimp; yet, I had my own defenses. Better to not let anyone know that I can smell danger better than they-all can see it.

And Hermione was dangerous.

Believe me. A love potion had solved Tom's riddle in that other time-line; but Her Majesty Hermione (HMH) had crossed over into ours and What-ever-is-his-name had followed. I feel no pain for the old Hermione ... she was bored with Ron. At least her replacement HMH was exciting. Danger usually is.

Ron however was clueless. Harry and his boyfriend Cedric tried to warn him. Cross-house relationships can be rocky.

I joined the Head Badger Boris Bored-to-tears and Huff's Headmistress Sonali to help sort this out.

We had bigger issues than Ron's groaning or HMH's moaning. Tom... known as Val in these here parts... was a Slytherin and... although a happy go lucky sort... not to be trusted. He seemed harmless; but... Val wasn't, and to have both of them in the same timeline was creating a rift. And that, my friends, was a threat to any magic anyone imagined they possessed.

Me? I loved stability. I was happy with grubs.

If reality were rent asunder no one would be able to bandage it, nor would magic work as before. Not even JK could fix it. Certainly not JK. Malfoy had bound her with a spell until after the Winter Ball since he was going in drag... need I say more.

"It's okay. The Timemasters have gathered in the Great Hall. The Grey Lady sent me here to fetch you all."

Luna had an uncanny way of showing up in the right place at the right time without even being conscious of her unique talent.

We followed her forthwith. No one dared dispute her premonitory pronouncements.

Headmistress Sonali led the way. Whoever, or whatever, was awaiting us would surely cower before her. As did we all. There was strength in her kindness and an implied threat of action in every step. Knowing the secrets of poisonous potions that could cure you or kill you had served her well.

Even Malfoy was there. He'd brought JK along just in case he needed to reverse the curse. The look of fear on his face said it all.

All was NOT well.

Sir Severus Albus had been up to his shenanigans again and his guide-chihuahua Scorpio had a cloud of concern hovering over him. Being a metamorphmagus suited him well. In this form he could nip at his chaotic friend's ankles.

Tom and Val stood opposite each other, wands at the ready. S.S.A scowled.

Luna stood between them and shook her head and uttered one word of wisdom.


What happened next would be written in JK's next voluminous volume titled "The Timemasters". As a lowly Mole I'm sworn not to give away endings; but...

Ron and HMH...

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