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"It's half-time at the Super Bowl. The band are playing, the pompoms waving, everyone anticipating the second half. The scores are currently level, it is anybody's game."

The team run out onto the field and behind them is Daisy the cow. "Where did that come from?" Captain of the Chiefs he turned to Silas Clark. "Hey, country boy, d'you wanna deal with that?"

"Firstly, stop calling me country boy. Plainsfield NJ is not country. It is pretty much a suburb of New York. I do not and never have lived on a farm. Secondly, I have no knowledge of how to deal with a creature of the bovine variety."

Daisy was stamping her feet, not so patiently waiting for the starting whistle. She had been watching the game from over the fence for five years and felt she knew how to play. Now was her big chance.

The referee, Bob Collins, was unsure what to do. He dropped the ball and blew repeatedly on his whistle, hoping the noise would frighten the cow away. Daisy took it as her chance to show these humans what she could do. She picked the ball up in her mouth and started charging towards the endzone.

Not one of those big, strong, brave players was willing to try and stop her. She reached her goal and placed the ball firmly on the ground. Backing away slightly, she ran and kicked the ball high into the air and over the post.

Bob was frantically flicking through his rule book when the two captains approached. "There's nothing in the rules says players have to be human. The points stand."

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