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A day Jesus sent his angels to keep me safe.
It was a Saturday, just like any other. I kissed my husband and hollered bye to the family. I was headed to the store for the week's groceries. I hopped in my little red Dodge Daytona and headed down the road.

There was a two-lane highway I traveled down for about three to four miles. Traffic ran pretty quickly, as there were no red lights during that stretch of road. Houses and fences lined both sides of the road. I was going about 55 mph, just thinking about the dinners I had planned for the following week. Then all of a sudden, this old couple in a big Plymouth crossed right in front of my path. They were turning into one of the driveways to my right. They were going five to ten mph, barely at a crawl. I was maybe two car lengths from them when they made the unexpected turn.

It was as if time slowed down. I still remember seeing the old lady, about 85 years old, leaning halfway against the door. She never looked my way. She was wearing a white knit hat and a white knit sweater. Her husband, I assume, was in the driver's seat. He never glanced my way, either. Nor, did they speed up.

I remember almost extending my arms straight out, as I slammed on the brakes, and worked miracles with the steering wheel. I turned the wheel all of the way to the left, and my car went sideways, somehow barely missing the big Plymouth. I wasn't out of danger yet. If I kept going straight, I'd run into a fence and house. But if I turned my car to stay on the road, I'd plow into the car that was traveling behind the old couple and was now stopped in the opposite lane. As I steered my car to the opposite side, quickly turning my wheel all of the way to the right, I was hyper-alert of the car directly in my path. I locked eyes with the driver. A boy of about nineteen to twenty years old. He had curly brown hair, a shocked expression, and eyes wide with fear. Then I had to immediately turn my wheel again to the left This brought me back into my lane, traveling down the road as if nothing had happened.

I must have been in shock but I truly believe it was the peace of the Lord. I wasn't scared, shaking, or angry. I was in a state of complete peace. A quiet reflection. When I pulled into the grocery store parking lot, I was surprised to find my steering wheel broken. I could lift it up and down, without it locking. I put so much pressure on it, it broke.

I kept going over and over the events in my mind. There's absolutely no way in this world I could have managed to do what I did. Never going off of the two-lane road, even a little. It's a miracle. Simple as that. There's no other explanation. I could be the best race car driver and the way I maneuvered the car in the small amount of space I had would not have been possible.

It was then I thought of Psalms 91:11-12 - "For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands so that you will not strike your foot against a stone."

God's angels took the wheel for me and kept us all safe.

Lord, thank you for sending your angels to watch over me, and those around me. I know there are countless times you have saved me and my loved ones. Thank you for your continued love, forgiveness and guidance.

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Written For "The Lighthouse Short Story Contest
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