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A Superhero Dragon
Westlia the anthro dragon flew over the city of Avalon at night. She found it by accident back when she traveled across realms. The city was its own realm with nothing beyond it's outskirts but void.

She suddenly heard trouble below. Her dragon sight & hearing never failed her. She swooped down & landed atop the warehouse. She peeked through the skylight as she listened to the conversation of the men below. Oh horrors! They were planning on robbing a bank before trashing a pizza joint! No one gets away with messing with pizza on her watch!

She smashed through the skylight & glided down. There were shouts of "Oh no! It's The Derg!" (patent pending). Guns were fired but the bullets bounced off her scales. She used her flame breath to melt the guns then used her tail to round them up. Lastly, she gave her loudest roar to alert the police.

When the commissioner got there, he saw the fading silhouette of a dragon. He saluted saying, "What would we do without her?"

 The Derg-Preparations  (E)
A flashback from the commissioner's POV
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