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Writers Cramp - A true story
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"Is that Miss Sueee?" There was no mistaking that Asian accent.

"Yees ..."

"I ask you questions?"

"I'll do you a deal. For every answer I give you, you answer a question for me, yes?"

"I will indeed. Is your address -----"

It is not. I moved from there two years ago but he does not need to know that. "Yes. Now my question. Do you like reading?"

"Yes indeed. Who is your electricity provider?"

I named one. "Do you own an e-reader?"

"Yes, I have the Kindle. How much a month do you pay for electricity?"

I gave a figure. "What type of books do you read?"

"I like detectives. Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Morse, yes? Who is your gas provider?"

I told him. "Have you heard of Odessa Molinari?"

"No Madame, I have not."

"She is an exciting new author of detective fiction. She has several novels available on Kindle. Will you check out her work?" I had taken over the conversation. I went on to describe my books and he promised to take a look. He only bought one but hey, another 85p commission.

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