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A poem about TV shows of the 60's.
Have you read the poem BLACK AND WHITE?
It talks about TV Shows of the 50's.
You used rabbit ears, the picture was snowy but to you it looked alright.
If you grew up back then you have some happy memories.

TV Shows of the 60's make you smile,
Dark Shadows, Gilligan's Island, Green Acres and Peyton Place,
It was so much fun to get off the couch and change the dial.
No remote, it was a slow pace.

Some of the shows were in color and some still in black and white.
The Adams Family, Batman, I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched,
You looked forward to the great shows of the night.
If you didn't like one show, there were others.
Turn the dial and switch.

I fell in love with the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show,
Those cute lads from Liverpool.
Go far they did. We were in the know.
The Beatles were so cool!

The Viet Nam War and death of Kennedy were so sad.
TV news kept us up to date.
Can we forget all those 60's fads?
Min skirts, trolls, Go-Go Boots, Beatles hair cut styles-how did they rate?

Some of those 60's shows were so funny,
They added joy to your life.
There was no cable and the shows didn't require any money,
A man would watch his favorite shows with his kids and wife.

Give me back my 60's shows.
I'm glad we can watch those old shows off a dish.
I still love Gilligan and how he played his role.
Oh! Those old shows how I had missed!

Tonight, I turn on The Munsters and later watch Big Valley.
I'm done with housework and writing for the night.
Maybe some black and white shows later will I see.
My memories of the 60's will be with me when I fall asleep and face the morning light.

Who doesn't love Barnabas?

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