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Lilli's challenge to create a word search has been met. Your challenge? Solve the puzzle!
Seemingly scrambled (but actually just cunningly placed) are 22 words relating to WDC. Trendsetting types, guest-starring genres, A-List activities and, of course, some of the fixin's for a scrumptious cake! Have fun finding them! When you do, email me the word closest to the upper-left corner. It doesn't matter if the word is horizontal right-to-left or left-to-right, or vertical top-down or bottom-up. On the off chance two or more words are exactly the same distance from the corner (e.g. two words are one square away, they actually meet in the corner, a third word comes in diagonally to make an arrow [and wouldn't that be cool!], etc.), just pick one and let me know.

To recap: Find the 22, then find / choose the 1, then let me know. What do you get for your time and trouble? 2200 GPs,that's what! *BigSmile*

One winning entry per username, please!

The GP offer expires at 11:59pm WDC Time, September 7, 2022; your email's date/time stamp is your entry authentication.

[Refresh to load countdown.]

This one's for
The WdC Birthday Challenge!!! CLOSED  [E]
An activity to celebrate WdC's 23rd Birthday!
by Lilli 🧿 ☕
sponsored by Lilli 🧿 ☕!
Find the following words arranged forwards or backwards,
in any direction: horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
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