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While I'm away, the dog and cats may sneak in an entry
The pets:

Jack-1 yr old Boston Terrier-even though he is a family pet, he decided early in his puppyhood to make me his person
My Boston Terrier is 10 mos old

Ethan-3 yr old tabby cat-a friend's vet took in kittens including Ethan-turns out he was part feral-has not mellowed down yet to leave him roam with the other cats-he likes to hang out with me in my room
My cat's profile. I really like this photo of him.

Ron-1r old orange cat-he is named for Harry Potter's best friend-turns out he is part Maine coon so is huge with 90% fur
One of my grand fur babies

Harriet-1yr old sister to Ron-black cat-She was thought to be a he, originally named Harry for Harry Potter
1 of 3 grand fur babies

Fish- molly guppies too many to name

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