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Ethan sneaks using my laptop to write a quick story about him.
Hello Friends of tracker,

My name is Ethan. I am one of tracker's cats, the alpha male to be exact. I was born at a nice lady's house who took care of me and my three sisters until we were four weeks old. She could not afford to keep us and gave them to a veterinarian friend, Samantha, who kept us another week before putting us up for adoption.

Samantha has a friend who happens to be tracker's granddaughter. Sam told Cathy about the kittens. Her mom was looking for a therapy cat for her autistic brother. Not long after, my fur mom came to get me. Was I glad to see her? Samantha kept us at her home alone each day. Our fur mother was not very interested in us. We didn't play much and I was very depressed.

I was already given a name which I forgot since I was too little. When I arrived at Cathy's house I was immediately placed in the arms of Little L who cuddled and kissed me until I honestly was practically smothered. He announced to the family I would be called Ethan. I think it is a very distinguished name that fits me.

Soon, I was let to run around the whole house to get to know my new environment. Gosh! This house is huge with lots of nooks and crannies to hide in when I want a restful, uninterrupted sleep. Don't tell tracker my favorite place was behind the TV. I am not blaming vet Samantha that she did not tell my fur mom that I was six weeks old not my actual four weeks because, quite frankly, she wanted to get rid of us. Really, I heard her say that.

I will tell you about the day Harry and Mango arrived next time.

Love from Ethan

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