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true events so its nonfiction
So I'm babysitting tonight. I took the girl I'm babysitting to dance team tryouts. She was very excited to try out for this team in her home town. When I picked her up she got in, buckled up and was silent the whole car ride back to her house. When we got home, she ran to her bedroom and I heard her crying. I sat beside her and talked for a few minutes.
"Why are you crying?" I asked her.
"I didn't make the team. I'm never going to be good enough." She responded. I then went onto tell her the Thomas Edison story about the invention of the lightbulb.
"You know what Thomas Edison invented?" I asked her and she shook her head no. "He invented the lightbulb. He was told that he would never get it to work and he may as well just give up." I say and she looks at me with her eyes still teary.
"How does this relate to my problem?" She asks.
"Well I'm getting to that. If he listened to those people he would have never tried and never succeeded. As you can clearly see he did in fact succeed. He tried and tried to get itbto work. He also didn't find a way that worked for a long time." I say and she looks at me like the pieces are coming together for her.
"He finally found a way that worked after failing several times." She says.
"Ah. You're getting it. But here's the point I'm getting to. He tried one hundred ways that didn't work and you know what he said?" I ask her and she shakes her head no. "H said and I quote: I did not fail one hundred times, I just found one hundred ways that didn't work." I say and she starts gerting it more as I explain more.
"So he didn't give up. He kept going." She says.
"Exactly. If he gave up, we wouldn't have these marvelous things called lightbulbs today. Maybe we would. Who knows. Maybe someone else would have invented it. But he was persistent and didn't give up hope that he'd get it someday." I say.
"So when in said I'm never going to be good enough, its the voices that I have that will bring me down." She says.
"Exactly. It's all up here." I say and I tap her head with my finger tips. "And also in here." I say as I touch where her heart is. "Your mind set is key. If you have your heart set on making that dance team don't give up. Keep going and improving your skills. They have another tryout tomorrow. I can take you if you want me to then." I say.
"Thank you." She says and hugs me. I hug her too.
"I will always be one of your biggest fans. You know that now. I will be here for you no matter what." I say.
"Thanks. I'm not giving up just yet." She says.
"Any time." I say and we play a few games after she showers and gets dressed.

I hope this was a good short story as it is an inspirational story and it's meant to make you see that giving up isn't an option if you want something.

I'm.open to constructive criticism. I welcome it. Please leave a review and thanks for reading!

Kenny B.
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