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Short story about today. All true events.
Today was a great day. I had a lot of fun. I went to a friends graduation party today. The commencement ceremony is tomorrow, but unfortunately I won't be able to make it due to a church event.
I saw many if my friends (young friends as in 9 to 15) and we had so much fun except for one unfortunate event due to my heart health. They fortunately know how to wake someone up from passing out.
These kids introduced me to their new aunt. I say new because their grandma (in her late fifties or early sixties) adopted a young girl. She's nine and took a liking to me riggt away. She gave me a big hug and sat on my lap. She is so sweet.
The kids and I went outside to my play and run around so they could burn off their child energy. I ran around with them and could keep up for a while, but after about a half hour or so, I got in the trunk of my car and got the picnic blanket out and spread it out on the ground. I laid there and fell to sleep until I heard (what sounded like) a stampede coming right towards me. I sat up just in time for then kids and their new aunt to slam into me. That's when I passed out.
They tried to wake me up by shaking me and lightly tapping their hands against my face and when that failed they got a cold glass of water and splashed it on my face and that did the trick. I sat up so fast that they thought I was going to launch into outer space.
The twins sat on my lap and they asked me if I have health problems. I told all four of them about my heart problem(s) and they asked why I had heart problems at my age. I told them about the smoking habit I had, but had completely stopped and they were happy I stopped and so am I.
We continued playing and running and then I had to rest for a little bit more. After a little while all four kids had dod piled on top of me and I really didn't mind. After they got off if me they were above my head (I was still laying down) and they were wrestling as kids do. Well it was all fun and games until the little girl got (accidentally) pushed and she landed on her butt on my face. She laughed as she got off and she could see that I have had someone (my ex girlfriend) sit on my face before just by seeing my reaction.
She then asked me if I minded the fact that she had accidentally sat on my face and I said that I didn't care, but it couldn't happen again as in ever. She understood because I told her about certain laws that prohibited it.
We then went inside where the twins sat on my lap and we played a game with the loose balloons. We hit each other with the balloons and then they got off my lap and we then played dodgeball with the small graduation print beachballs. The boy and I versus the three girls. It was so much fun. The three girls eventually got worn out so they decided to sit down. The twins on either side of me and their new aunt sat on my lap. Since their aunt is so young (as in seven years old), she is also very light like a feather.
As the party came to a close (seven PM Central Daylight Time) we said our goodbyes and hugged a lot because I know it will be a while before I see them again, especially their young aunt. We hugged a lot as in for a long half hour, and then the twins each gave me kisses on my cheeks as well as their new young aunt. All in all, today was a lot of fun.
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