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The saddness of Alzheimer's from a personal point of view
Panic fluttering in her chest, she scanned the crowded parking lot for her car. The worst part was that she couldn't remember if she even had a car.

Maybe she had come to the mall with her daughter. It was a definite possibly. Maybe even her granddaughter. For all she knew it could have been one of her great-grandchildren. The harder she thought about it the more it eluded her.

"I hate this," she said aloud. Tears filled her eyes threatening to spill at any moment. The parking lot took on the illusion of being viewed through a fish bowl. Within seconds she couldn't figure out why she was crying. "Stop being a baby," she scolded herself.

In the distance she heard a young woman calling for her Grammy. Was it Vickie? The voice sounded familiar. She just couldn't tell. Her vision was blurry and she didn't know why. What the hell is happening? The question was asked silently, but still received a reply. I'm losing me mind. That's what happening.

The voice of the young woman moved closer and the older woman struggled to bring her face into focus. Wiping the back of her hand across her eyes her vision cleared.

"Vickie?" The young woman stopped in front of the older one.

"Are you ready to go home Grammy?"

The older woman tilted her head slightly. "Can I help you with something miss?"

"Grammy, it's me," the younger woman replied. "I was afraid you had gotten lost."
The girl's accusation angered the older woman. "I know exactly where I'm at," she snapped.

"Okay Grammy." She gently touched the woman's arm. "It's time we get going anyway."

Even though the older woman wasn’t exactly sure who the younger one was, she allowed her to lead her to a small red pick-up truck.

"Where are we going?" the older woman asked, lowering herself into the seat.

"I'm taking you home. Mom should be there by now and I have to get ready for work." The young woman pulled into traffic. "We're on our way now."

A few minutes passed before the older woman spoke. "You know who I haven't seen for awhile she asked. "I haven't seen Vickie. I wonder why she hasn't stopped by to take me out for the day.

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