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I'm Neil. I write observations, essays, poetry and about my life experiences. Fiction remains my Everest to climb. I found out early on how much I needed to learn about writing. I understand that opinions are valuable, but they should never be taken to heart. I think it is more important to believe in our work to stay true to ourselves and the art we produce. People are fickle, but the spirit to express ourselves is not...and compromise serves neither party well. I still have fear, but endeavour to write with courage. Being honest with myself is one thing, but writing with absolute truth is both scary and cathartic at the same time. Enjoy.
A grouping of philosophical quotes and observations that I am proud to have created.
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This is my blog & my hope, writing daily will help me see my progress and log supporters.
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On a support groups site, I saw so many saying, "I'm sorry for..." to help, but does it?
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