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A Journal to impart knowledge and facts
July 22, 2015

I'm going to start today to record on a daily basis whatever happens to strike my fancy. So, it is a very cool breezy day. I just posted 5 short book reviews to The Monthly Reading Challenge. I'm suppose to put away some winter wood today from the woodpile outside but I'm playing hookey from work to write so starting this blog will get done.

I'm having a daily fight with a flock of English Sparrows that are trying to take over my barn. They are making a terrible mess so they have to go. I have destroyed several nests so far they don't leave but they get out of the barn when I am around. I'm just starting the fight so I guess I don't know how far I have to go to discourage them.

I'm trying not to spread myself to thin on WDC because I find so many things that are interesting here and I am trying to work on a new story. I really enjoy sitting at my desk with a cup of tea and reading blogs on WDC.

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May 1, 2023 at 11:12am
May 1, 2023 at 11:12am
I just found out May 1 to be the Save the Rhino Day. If you were to work to save any species, either on this earth or elsewhere *Wink* , which species would you pick?

BCOF Insignia Owl with signature

I read a book about this sometime in the last two years. It was about saving large animal endangered species. It seems the species that have tusks such as the elephant and Rhinoceros have a special problem with poachers. There is a black-market involving tusks because some Orientals believe they have a medicinal property. Because of this, poachers are literally trying to build catches of the tusks; then wipe out the species, which would drive the price up on the ivory by millions of dollars.

I have read a lot about endangered species. I guess it would be difficult to just pick one species to save out of all the endangered out there. If we have an atomic war humans might be the most endangered of all. Save the humans, so they can save the elephants, Rhinos, birds, ocelots, monkeys, orangutans, and all the others.

Just a thought.

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Happy 21 Birthday Site Week. Thanks for all you do. Love: Megan

May 1, 2023 at 10:32am
May 1, 2023 at 10:32am
Day 3723: May 1, 2023

Prompt: WDC May Calendar prompt: What is your proudest accomplishment this year?

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This year 2023, we found a recycling program we like and are getting settled in it now,

Also, I decided to upgrade my music knowledge. I took an ETSS (ear training and sight signing) course at a Bible institute in the 80's The course introduced the circle of fifths in a minor way. Now I am studying it in a more advanced way,. because chords are used in guitar playing. I have gone back to playing classical guitar daily. I had not actually played for several years. I'm just happy to find out I can still play.

My planted lettuce seeds are sprouting, which makes me happy.

And I started sharing some cash to a charity that I think is worthwhile. Hopefully I can continue to contribute as time goes forward.

Small involvements but, things to advance the year in a positive way.

Keep safe. Happy Trails.

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April 26, 2023 at 2:28pm
April 26, 2023 at 2:28pm
P11. Are you willing to write in your WDC blog about a very controversial issue and state your views (why or why not)?

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Although this blog was inspired by P11 prompt, it is kind of a rant which I don't do lightly because I don't rank well online.

I can't say yes or no to this question. I could only answer if I knew the issue. Truly, I'm avoiding lots of issues because I'm often criticized about anything I think or do. Send me a controversial issue and I'll state my views. After I do some research to find out the particular points that are being dumped on the public.

I'm not in favor of fundamentalism and I live in an area where everyone I know seems to be producing some type of fundamentalist ideals. I've never been in favor of people who tell me I'm a bad person, when they know more about my life, than I know about theirs. Unbalanced judgements are a discouragement to the public.

I like peace and quiet. It's easy to just go berserkers when the days stretch on with the same daily chores to be done. I can get through it. Get up and do the daily do. I think it is because I read. Stories take me into new environments. They transport me into the way other people think. I can choose to think like someone else or sent the book back into eBook spacetime and never think about it again.

Yesterday, I downloaded a history book, a science fiction story, and a murder mystery with a female detective as the protagonist. I will probably start by reading the nonfiction History book. Maybe I will have two of them read by next Monday.

I went back to playing my guitar. I had to remember all kinds of technical things about strings and frets and notes. Now, I'm going over the material about the circle of fifths. I replaced the strings and had a difficult time retuning my guitar. Then, I found the gizmo on Amazon that will do it for me. All I have to do is turn the peg to tighten or loosen the strings. This wasn't around when I started lessons in the 1970's. And the tuner I bought can be recharged with a usb cord. The tuner is also very small. It fits in the compartment of my guitar case where I keep my tuning fork. I'm constantly amazed by the information age and new technology.

Happy Trails. Don't eat all the bananas.

All word count from WDC = 424

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April 26, 2023 at 1:33pm
April 26, 2023 at 1:33pm
Prompt: True terror is to wake up in the morning and find out that your high school class is running the country. Write about this in your Blog entry today.

BCOF Insignia Owl with signature

*Rolling* I have to wonder if you are a member of my high school class? What can I say? I have not spent enough time with them as adults to make a judgment about whether they can run the country or not? And, I don't think I ever will. Then again---never say never.
April 25, 2023 at 12:18pm
April 25, 2023 at 12:18pm
Day 3717: April 25, 2023

Prompt: Which kind of natural disaster would you find the most terrifying to experience?

BCOF Insignia signature dancing owl

Any kind. I don't even like it when the electricity is off for a few hours. We are rural and still have above ground electric lines. When we get high winds, a tree can go down on a line so electricity can be interrupted while lineman fix the line.

We have had small earthquakes. None large enough to interrupt life.

Over the course of many years, some storms have actually evolved into a tornado and hit small communities or taken out a farmer's barn. Fortunately, not a lot of human death involved mostly damage to buildings.

Mostly we sometimes get electric storms: high winds, lightning, heavy rain or snow, and thunder.

No natural disaster is a good one to contemplate. When one is on the news, I always think about the needs of the people who are experiencing the disruption of their lives. I'm sure it is the kind of tragedy that will be on a victim's mind forever. It makes me feel useless.
April 19, 2023 at 4:31pm
April 19, 2023 at 4:31pm
Prompt: Write something about these nuts: Pecans, Peanuts and Pistachios.

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I was raised on peanut butter sandwiches for lunch at school all during grade school. Now peanuts are my best snack during the day. I can eat a quarter cupful when reading as my treat.

Have you been to nuts .com? I see it advertised on TV sometimes. I don't eat many pecans, but they have a lot of health benefits according to online sources. And, I like the flavor of pecans. I don't buy them often, so maybe I just don't see them in stores on the shelves.

Pistachios are another of my favorites. I can eat them anytime and I really need to buy more of them. Our budget is limited in the grocery aisle. Inflation has not helped my grocery budget. I do buy pistachios though. I think the price and the fact that I ate the last batch so fast discouraged me. Peanuts are less expensive, and I like. them.

The plus side of eating peanuts as a treat is sharing them with my parrots who also like a peanut whenever they can get one. Walnuts are a treat I share with the Parrots.

Almonds are another type of food that is good for your health. I read online somewhere that one almond is worth a lot to fight cholesterol. Pecans are good for helping weight loss.

I eat pepitas and other pumpkin foods. Pepitas are also good to help curb appetite. I like to mash them into cookies or homemade breakfast foods. I have a breakfast cookie recipe that calls for any kind of additives that you think are good for you. I put in pepitas, raisins, flax, oatmeal, and honey. No cooking to this recipe.

Actually, I would rather eat fresh foods, than cooked foods. Not always possible with my budget. Believe it or not I forget to eat healthy sometimes. I need to especially remind myself when I buy groceries. Last time I found dried strawberries.

See Ya! *PartyHatY*

April 13, 2023 at 3:40pm
April 13, 2023 at 3:40pm
P:24 Wisdom, Knowledge or Humor, which is most important and why?

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I think Knowledge is a part of wisdom. Maybe in some instances it is even combined with Knowledge. If you have an instinct to do something or say something without knowledge behind it, where does the source of your instinct come from. Does DNA give out answers to random experiences, that may turn out OK? Can we have knowledge without wisdom being involved or wisdom without knowledge being involved.

The book of Proverbs in the Old Testament is part of the wisdom literature. It is the king teaching one of his many sons the best way to live to have a productive life. In any event the boy did not heed his father's advice and we now know how that turned out for him. So, we use the king's advice to aide our own decisions. Funny how a book so old still knows so much about human experience.

In my own experience in life, I know for a fact if I had more knowledge as a child, I would have made a few different decisions. Someone besides me would have been sorry for a few odd decisions.

On the other hand, all of life needs a little humor. It helps to walk away laughing together instead of crying over the things that went wrong. Never walk away laughing at someone for their mistake, it's unwise. They will remember what you were doing when they made the mistake.

Humor rides the wave of lots of different scenes. There are different kinds of humor. Humor can be added to almost any type of living experience if you think about the ways to use it. Comedians entertain us by showing us the side of life, that is better to laugh at then cry about. Its' a different perspective on almost any situation.

Wisdom and knowledge and humor are all needed in life. Like Doh, Rae, me, is a necessary part of a group. Wisdom, knowledge and humor are part of attributes that make up human experience.
April 13, 2023 at 12:01pm
April 13, 2023 at 12:01pm
Prompt: Your Life Story. What are the three best aspects of your life? Write about this in your Blog entry today.

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Probably the 3 are Spiritual, Physical, and intellectual. Being raised where I grew up, I had a father who tried to keep me healthy. I had lots of time to spend in the outside communing with nature, climbing trees, riding horses, roller skating. I was seldom ill. Being healthy became a reason to look into things like yoga, mindfulness, and heathy eating habits.

I had a grandfather that prayed for me and provided me with a Bible at a young age. Also, a cousin who was instrumental in helping me go to church at a young age. In all of this I learned an ongoing need to seek knowledge about GOD and things written about GOD.

Intellectually I love to learn and try to take on new information on any subject I learned about early in life. And I try to supply my curiosity about any subject with facts about it. Sometimes, I am able to share those facts in order to help someone else gain knowledge.
April 12, 2023 at 3:28pm
April 12, 2023 at 3:28pm
P:30: Are news outlets bias? Newspapers/radio/TV/etc. How can you tell if you are being manipulated?

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For competing the full four weeks of the Non-Judgmental Blogging Event in January 2023. 

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Even though, I never worked as a professional Journalist, I graduated from the school of Journalism at Edinboro State University in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. I even earned good grades in classes.

I have to say one of the things discussed in a class was the dependency Journalism outlets have on advertising to be able to exist. It may cause an outlet to be careful what they say to the public about a given story.

Consider the stories of guns and gun control in the USA. When I did some minor research on this subject, I found that the NRA, which is often in the news. is not necessarily the largest progun organization in the USA. Yet it is often the one quoted in a news release. It is also the only one that ever sent into my home an advertisement for membership. If these organizations pour money into the media, is it not a fact, that the media may treat them favorably in stories.

TV stories disturb me because, although you get news it is often not Indepth. Once I checked out stories of fires in California on the three major channels ABC, NBC, and CBS. All three channels reported deaths. Each channel talked about a different amount of people who had died in the fires. Nor did any channel say this is the estimate at this time or indicated any given count by any given establishment. And once even different ways in which the fires had started. When I see a story I want to know facts more than that it just happened.

You can still ask yourself who, what, why when and where to look into the facts of any given story. Or if you are really into it call the news media in question and talk to a real reporter. Look at the real facts. Check the same story in a more than one type of media. Some news agents are more trustworthy than other news agents.

I like PBS. They stick to facts and delve into particulars of stories. They call in experts in special fields to interview on camera. People with Doctorates in a field of study often have a grasp of the news about a special happening because they are in touch with up-to-date information in their field of study. Experts being interviewed on camera may have different sides of a situation in the news. Get both the pros and cons of a story.

For instance, I have looked at pictures supposedly of aliens. So far none of them are exactly unexplainable. Besides, if the world ever can send one of our own vessels to another world is it going to be just to fly around the sky and not make contact?

Also look at the time element. I read a headline today that the tomb of Jesus had just been opened for the first time in??? years. I saw that tomb opened by a group of men several years ago 3 to 10 years ago. Sorry I'm not sure of year. The story I saw actually followed the men into the tomb. So, the headline was misleading.

You have a certain amount of time in your life. You should not waste it on misleading stories. Unless you are just reading for entertainment.

Just my opinion. Have a spring day.



April 12, 2023 at 11:10am
April 12, 2023 at 11:10am
Prompt: That's the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet. Write about this in your Blog entry today.

BCOF Insignia This book is a Hoot!

I used to play classical guitar. I stopped for a while then a few months ago I decided to resume playing. I had to do some retraining of my fingers. It is turning out to be a good thing to be doing. when I play, my pet family all sit around and listen. so, if I miss a few notes or fret a chord improperly the audience doesn't seem to notice.

Over Easter I was looking at music books for classical guitar on Amazon and found, "The Davidic Cipher" by Dennis McCorkle. This is a new learning experience for me. It is about the musical importance of the psalms. It traveled me to a new dimension.

My grandfather, my mother's father, sent my brother and I New Testaments, with the psalms included, when we were young children. We lived in Pa. he lived in Florida. I read the psalms long before I understood that they were musical, and long before I ever read the Old Testament. Now, I am always happy when I can find recordings of the psalms being sung by a choir or person on CD.

So, this book about the historical side of the Psalms is very interesting. It shows a side of the temple worship in Israel. It also evaluates the historical movement of music down through a lot of ages and different cultures. The build and use of different musical instruments are explained. Tunings and chords have a special relevance in this book.

I took a music theory class in a small bible college in the 1980's. This is an addition to knowledge acquired in years passed. As long as we are on the earth we should be adding to the knowledge of our youth.

People who can write what they learn; so others can read it and share learning are special.

This song will grab you with its sound and its lyrics. It has been around for a long time. It has a meaning that should be understood by anyone listening.

Hal le Lu YAH. We sing YAH!

Anyone who believes in one GOD will understand. This is my Easter blessing which I share with you.

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